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EcoWorld Builds Homes for All Generations

What generation do you fall into? Are you Zen, an Explorer or an Ever Learner?

Perhaps you are a Trend Seeker or maybe you prefer the Minimalist feel. Or you could be a Pet Lover, Artistic, a Digital Nomad or even a Bold Creator!

Property developer EcoWorld believes that who we are is not defined by our age, or ‘generation’, rather it is defined by many different elements that mark our aspirations and needs at the different stages of our lives.

It is not about your age or what you do. It’s about Generation YOU! The company cares about what you love and how you want to live.

EcoWorld is six years old and growing at a phenomenal pace. The company aims to continue being at the forefront, pushing forward, Creating Tomorrow & Beyond and rethinking industry norms and innovating fresh ideas.

“For Generations” is what sets EcoWorld apart in this challenging environment.

The campaign celebrates the different generations of customers who have different priorities which shift and evolve over time. At each stage of life, customers realise they have greater or different aspirations than before.

For Generations – which is yours?

The Explorer Generation is made up of curious young minds who love nature and adventure. The fascinating parks and gardens in all of EcoWorld’s townships are filled with beautiful wonders to explore and encourage adventures.

The Ever Learner Generation are those who believe that you are never too old to learn new things. At the EcoWorld Life Space, there is never a dull moment and always something exciting to discover.

The Culinary Generation are the ones who are passionate about the culinary arts. EcoWorld’s developments provide a spacious dream kitchen- the perfect space to whip up sumptuous meals and everlasting memories for the ones you love.

For the Trend Seeker Generation, vibrant communal spaces such as EcoWorld Labs, give you a creative platform to express your creativity.

The Minimalist Generation are the ones who wish to live clutter-free. EcoWorld’s serene living spaces are designed with ample room for serenity and simplicity, giving you freedom from clutter.

The Digital Nomad Generation are those who work on the go. The energising environments at EcoWorld inspire creative ideas.

The Gym Rat Generation are those who live for a good workout, and the communal gymnasium provided at EcoWorld developments are equipped with everything you need to elevate your fitness levels.

The Nature Friendly Generation can thrive in residences designed with a personal home garden for you to nurture your green fingers and create little green worlds.

The Pet Lover Generation can enjoy pet-friendly environments ensuring that your fur kids are not just part of the family but part of the community as well. Happy pets, happy life!

The Artistic Generation can be inspired by artistic sculptures in EcoWorld developments, which help to stimulate their artistic senses.

The Bold Creator Generation can benefit from the Intelligent Space Concept of EcoWorld business parks which set the stage for bringing visionary ideas to life.

The #POTD Generation are the ones who embrace an active social media lifestyle. EcoWorld’s many Instagrammable spots provide the perfect backdrops to turn moments into beautiful memories and impressive posts.

The Collector Generation are the ones who love collecting rare finds, and EcoWorld’s spacious living spaces can be turned into private galleries for your hobbies.

For all of these ‘generations', EcoWorld brings to you Brydon, Cora, Hazelton, Regent Garden and Rosé.

If you are passionate about nature and architecture, Eco Horizon’s Brydon in Batu Kawan, Penang is the perfect fit. Its well-designed bungalows and semi-dees are set in a secure and serene environment allowing you and your loved ones the peace of mind to enjoy life to the fullest.

For a home as vibrant as you are, Cora in Eco Ardence, Shah Alam is the discerning choice. Its zen inspired garden homes, semi-dees and bungalows come with exclusive clubhouse access, top-notch security and charming back lane gardens. Its lifestyle hub – Ardence Labs makes entertaining and dining a breeze. Life at Cora is never dull.

Looking for a home that fits as nicely as a custom-made suit? Hazelton in Eco Forest, Semenyih is designed with intuitive ergonomic principles to cater for all lifestyles. With an ErgoHomes concept (EcoWorld exclusive design), each terraced unit resembles a sought-after corner lot with its own private garden.

Design your house with EcoWorld because no one knows you better than you do. The Design to Own concept of Regent Garden in Eco Grandeur, Puncak Alam allows you the freedom and flexibility to customise your dream home. Stand out from the crowd at Regent Garden.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to live surrounded by lush greenery? With Rosé, an outstanding series of Garden Homes at Eco Spring in Iskandar Malaysia, you can do just that. Inspired by the best of contemporary and classic French architecture, Rosé units come with a 10ft private garden that perfectly complements its generous 20ft back lane gardens.

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