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NEW Stylish Residential Development in Kota Kinabalu, Damaisari Kolombong

This past Saturday, Property Hunter attended the official launch of Damaisari Kolombong, a residential development of 2 & 3 storey garden homes within a gated and guarded precinct, expected to be completed in June 2021.

Upon arrival, attendees followed along an "umbrella street" installation, the perfect photo opportunity, to find a lavish spread of local favorite foods to enjoy. Additional to a traditional lion dance, there was also a 24 drums performance to entertain guests.

The developer SCP Group has already secured sales of 90 per cent for it's 96 exclusive units, priced between RM730,000 (two-storey Bumiputera lots) to RM1.4 million (corner three-storey).

Buyers have many reasons to find themselves attracted to the Damaisari development that features luxurious modern designs and a prime, peaceful location. It offers a safe space within lush greenery and manicured gardens for families to escape to.

The design is derived from SCP Group's Kuala Lumpur project with a touch of local architect Akitek Lo's finesse and polished up with interior design concept by the developer's interior designer for its show house really impresses with modern trendiness and earth colour tones.

Each unit comes complete with all necessary comforts and is just minutes away from the urban conveniences of thriving Kota Kinabalu city. Residents will also have a central garden playground park of about an acre within the garden homes, on development land area of 6.964 acres in Kolombong with perimeter fencing of about 1.5 metres around the project with each individual lot land size averaging 22 feet by 80 feet. The land tenure is leasehold of 99 years.

Even for Bumiputra lots, there are just about six houses unsold. The built-up area for the two-storey terraced homes comprising four bedrooms, three bathrooms ranges from 2,305 square feet to 3,454 square feet for the three-storey terraced homes comprising five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Located about 15 minutes from CBD or the heart of Kota Kinabalu, potential customers were impressed that SCP Kolombong Sdn Bhd spent over RM6 million over six years on the housing site soil improvement to reassure buyers of not facing any soil subsidence problems later with strong pilings for three-storey structural firmness for withstanding any seismic stress.

SCP Property Development Division went on full-scale operations in early 2011 and now has a yearly sales of RM500 million. Its foundation is built on 30 years of experience in the industry helmed by each of the hands-on founders and directors of the Group.

Based on this approach, SCP has established itself as a respected competitor in the Building Industry. SCP combines unique abilities, extensive experience and competence of its people and business partners to deliver delightful results. 

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