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Far East Consortium to Introduce Perth Hub With Events in KK, Miri and Kuching

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Fair East Consortium will be hosting three events, in collaboration with Bornion Realty, PMC Facilities & Real Estate (EM) Sdn Bhd and Trident Property Partners Perth, to introduce the highly anticipated Perth Hub development in West Australia. These showcases will be held in three locations namely Kota Kinabalu, Miri and Kuching.

These events will feature a special talk titled “Rediscover Redevelopment in Perth CBD” that will be presented by speaker Lily Chong, Director at Trident Property Partners. Event attendees will be able to understand the Australian market a bit more clearly and assess the potential it has to become an investment in your portfolio. With new duty surcharge regulations on foreign buyers to be implemented on 1 January 2018, interested parties should take the chance to understand the new laws and how it will impact foreign investments in the future. Read more about the new surcharge, in our report here.

Perth Hub is an exciting development part of the Perth City Link AUD1.4 billion masterplan that will reconnect the CBD and Northbridge for the first time in more than 100 years. Perched on Wellington Street, Perth Hub features a mix or retail and residences with a fresh focus on sleek inner-city design. A 250-room Dorsett and Perth Arena will feature at Perth Hub in addition to the possible expansion of China Town into the Perth City Link site that in combination is expected to bring in more than 1 million visitors a year to the area.

For those interested in this new prestigious development, foreign buyers will be entitled to up to 60% loan-to-value ratio with an interest rate of 5.1%. There will be formal loan approvals with no expiry and re-assessment featured at the events so do make time to learn more about investing in Australia at the events below:

Hyatt Regency Hotel
27th & 28th Oct 2018
11am - 4pm
1pm - Rediscover Redevelopment in Perth CBD talk

Hotel Pullman Miri Waterfront
30th & 31st Oct 2018
5pm - 9pm
7pm - Rediscover Redevelopment in Perth CBD talk

Hotel Pullman Kuching
3rd & 4th Oct 2018
11am - 4pm
1pm - Rediscover Redevelopment in Perth CBD talk

For any enquiries of to register your interest, contact +60 16939700 (April) or by emailing


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