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As of July 31 this year, the Sarawak government has surveyed over 2.1 million acres (864,377 hectares) of land under the Native Customary Rights (NCR) new initiative programme. It is counting on federal funding to continue this on-going undertaking.

"The interests of Sarawak natives where land is close to their hearts is our priority and we call upon the current federal government to continue provide funds for the programme," Deputy Chief Minister and Second Minister of Urban Development and Natural Resources Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan said.

The Land and Survey Department carries out perimeter survey and subsequent issuance of individual perpetuity land titles under Section 18 of the Land Code, with all costs borne or absorbed by the government under the new initiative programme. Also, in order to enable the survey and issuance of individual land title to be carried out by the department, Awang Tengah called on the people to co-operate and reach consensus on boundaries.

"Compromise and consensus is vital as there were cases where individual lot survey could not proceed due to boundary disputes between claimants and the survey teams were instructed to move out and give priority to other dispute-free areas," he said.

The NCR land survey was accorded priority as the Sarawak government understood the wishes of the people on formal land ownership, Awang Tengah said.

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