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The Sarawak Heritage Ordinance to Enforce Fully This Year

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The Sarawak Heritage Ordinance 2019 would be fully implemented this year, according to Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, state Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister. He explained that the law was enacted to make the director of the Sarawak Museum Department's job easier by streamlining administration and responsibilities linked to old structures and other related problems.

Datuk Abdul Karim stated while officiating at the Sarawak Museum’s 130th anniversary celebration, “With this new ordinance, I am confident that tangible and intangible culture, museums, buildings, sites and historical monuments in Sarawak can be managed in the best way, for the good and interest of all communities.”

The Sarawak Museum, which was the first museum constructed in Borneo island at the time, was finished in 1891 as a result of the efforts of Sarawak's second white Rajah Charles Brooke, who was highly interested in Sarawak's natural history.

MA63 Agreement Impacting Sarawak’s Rights and Interests Needed More Time to Carry Out

According to Datuk Abdul Karim, the government granted a number of allocations in 2015 to carry out restoration work on the Sarawak Museum in accordance with international conservation standards, highlighting the museum's relevance to Sarawak's socio-economic growth.

He went on to say that the Sarawak Museum, which is being built as part of the Sarawak Museum Campus project, will be a catalyst for Kuching's development. According to him, the museum is a popular location for visitors to the city, with a higher number of visitors than other attractions.


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