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Tapping Into the East Malaysian Market for Sales Opportunity

Your marketing efforts should not be a “one size fits all approach”. Panelists on the webinar by AstroAWANI LINC QUAKE titled, “Marketing Insider: Borneo Edition - Localise Your Product Marketing & Win Over East Malaysia” discussed the power of targeted marketing, especially for Sabahans and Sarawkians. 

“The pandemic has been very troublesome and a lot of businesses have been closing but where there are failures and bankruptcies, there are also opportunities,” began Daily Express Marketing Manager Dexter Yeh.

“I believe West Malaysian companies should be coming to Sabah and see there are plenty of opportunities here, especially since a lot of Sabahans cannot travel to KL.

“A lot of rich Sabahans used to fly to KL and spend their money there. And the pandemic actually forced West Malaysian companies to come here and spend on their marketing campaigns and engage with local customers,” he said, in agreement with Dino Omar and the other panellists. The other panel speakers were Suhaimi Sulaiman, the CEO of Sarawak Media Group; Bank Rakyat chief marketing and communication officer Nizam Sani and Hafizuddin Nizamuddin of Astro Radio East Malaysia.

“When it comes to Sabah and Sarawak, actually it’s a huge difference. It’s unique. A totally different market. This is what West Malaysian companies have to understand." Dexter said. 

Social hub in Kota Kinabalu, Toojou Hotel, harnessing the East Malaysian culture. Photo source from Agoda

East Malaysians are also open and adaptive to new technological advancement as they have integrated online e-wallet payment systems into the local market.

Sabahans are comfortable among their own, thus very supportive when it comes to local media companies. Sabah and Sarawak are very unique in their own ways, especially in culture with an ethnic make-up of only 40% Malays and a majority of indigenous backgrounds.

Peninsula-based companies who wish to penetrate into the East Malaysian market know that relationship marketing is very important. Building a good relationship with the local audience would create a strong trust in the brand or product. 

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