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Government Urged to Prioritise Pan Borneo Highway Project

Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong is seeking the help of Ministry of Works, now under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration, to prioritise the Pan Borneo Highway project.

He said the Pan Borneo Highway linking Sematan in Sarawak and Tawau in Sabah, when completed, would be the game changer in the pace of development as well as Sarawak's economic growth.

"It is also the vision of the previous government (Barisan Nasional) to make sure that Sarawak is on par with some states in Peninsular Malaysia" he said when met here on Sunday night (19 Aug).

Ugak informed that he had raised the matter in Parliament on July 24, and he hoped that the PH federal government would continue the project and not to penalise Sarawakians by slowing down the progress of works simply because of politics.

"It is obvious that the project would benefit the people, particularly those living in the rural areas. As they are also Malaysians, it would be good if Pakatan Harapan expedite the project completion or within schedule" he said.

Ugak, who is from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), also hoped that PH would fulfil its election manifesto or promises and not treat them as just sweet talk.

He said his Hulu Rajang constituency is in dire need of good roads.

He related that he had reminded the previous BN government to upgrade several roads in the constituency under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development's programmes, among them the 16km road linking Rumah Juntan and Jalan Melekun Nanga Sut, the 9.5km road leading to Tengulang Phase 6 resettlement area and the 17km road to Mentaloon Phase 5 in Kapit.

Ugak said he would also want a 73km long road linking Nanga Nujum and Nanga Gaat to Rumah Tenku Sungai Gaat to be built.

He said he is ever ready to accompany PH representatives to see for themselves the condition at these places.

Ugak also wanted Bakun road that is riddled with potholes to be repaired as soon as possible.

"Sarawak is aiming to be a developed state by 2030. Therefore Sarawak would need a bigger allocation for development. The federal government has been extracting oil and gas worth billions of ringgit from Sarawak. I think we should now ask from the federal government RM153 billion for Sarawak to achieve developed state status" he said.

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