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Toppen Shopping Centre Sets on Becoming the New Heart and Hub of the Johor Community

IKEA Southeast Asia is pleased to announce the development of Toppen Shopping Centre, an impressive 1.1 million square-feet shopping destination located in the heart of Tebrau, Johor. This shopping centre, which is seamlessly integrated with IKEA Tebrau, is expected to open its doors to the surrounding neighbourhood and extended community by the third quarter of 2019.

More Than Just a Shopping Centre As the owner of some of the biggest retail brands and destinations in the region, IKEA Southeast Asia continues to modernize the concept of shopping centres by creating vibrant and comfortable meeting places for the community.

The name Toppen comes from the Swedish word meaning ‘awesome or fabulous'. It is also a combination of the words ‘top' and ‘open' which reflects the shopping centre's rooftop crown jewel. Set to take fun to another level, the unique rooftop will include a large multi-purpose piazza, community garden, play areas, sporting facilities, a cinema and alfresco eateries catered to families and friends to create their own personal shopping experience.

The people of Johor can choose from 4-levels of international and local retail shops, family-friendly facilities, multi-purpose spaces, great entertainment, dining and sporting experiences whether one is here for shopping, leisure or simply to pass the time. There will be something for everyone and every wallet.

Co-Creating the Growing Community Toppen Shopping Centre is strategically located in the third most populous city in Malaysia. Its surrounding vibrant residential and commercial zones allow the shopping centre to optimally cater to the city's growth and progress.

Christian Rojkjaer, Managing Director of IKEA Southeast Asia said, "Johor is home to 3.6 million potential consumers with fast-growing retail sales. Johor's economy is booming - growing faster than the rest of the nation. The mature community gives us the opportunity to create significant partnerships with both the community and business owners.”

This includes IKEA Tebrau's integration and links with neighbouring centres such as AEON Tebrau.

Caring for the Community and Environment Christian Rojkjaer continues, "Our belief in co-creation allows us to partner with different segments of our business, such as IKEA stores with our shopping centres, along with other tenants, the surrounding community and the many people. This means we do not simply build a shopping centre for the sake of a shopping centre. We listen and connect with the local context to address people-and planet issues.”

Just like all IKEA stores and shopping centres, Toppen is designed and will be operated to ensure efficient use of resources, including water and energy. The shopping centre's sustainability efforts include the use of LED lightings and maintaining the green certifiable standards of the building, as well as its operation.

The Land of Opportunity Toppen Shopping Centre is projected to attract 15 million visitors in the year 2020, not only from Johor but from the southern region of Malaysia and nearby countries like Singapore. The shopping centre development will bring with it thousands of business opportunities within Malaysia and neighbouring countries adding vibrancy to the economy. It is also set to create many career opportunities with an array of permanent jobs for the Johor community.

Christian Olofsson, Shopping Centre & Mixed Use Director, IKEA Southeast Asia explains, "Through our rich experience and deep understanding of market trends, IKEA's presence normally contributes to an additional 20% of footfall to our shopping centres. Toppen is not just another shopping centre in the country, instead, it is a space for the community to come together, a platform for business owners to grow, and a positive driver for Johor's economic growth through the creation of job opportunities and increase tourism to the country.”

IKEA Southeast Asia has over 15 years of experience in developing, owning, and running successful IKEA stores and shopping centres in the region such as IPC Shopping Centre and MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Malaysia and Megabangna in Thailand. The success of these projects has attracted a strong roster of new retail brands and long-term partnerships. With a strong track record and international experience, IKEA Southeast Asia is confident that Toppen Shopping Centre will be the meeting place and heart and hub of the Johor community when it opens in the third quarter of 2019.

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