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The 21st Century Office With 3AXIS

The key to a great design is capturing the spirit of the client and essence of the space. Jason Poi, a local Sabah boy, spent most of his teenage years in Singapore before furthering his tertiary education in Perth, Australia for another 5 years. After graduating, Jason worked for an award-winning design architect firm in Singapore known as CSYA for 2 years. Staying true to his roots and longing to serve his state and country, Jason moved back to Kota Kinabalu and kicked off his own practice in 2009. The rest is history and 3AXIS was born. With such a remarkable reputation, we had to sit and chat with Jason to learn of his latest insights on 3AXIS and learn of his exciting projects.

PH: Hi Jason! Can you briefly share with us on your design and build journey? Having a family background rooted deeply in design, building residential and commercial properties, it is only natural for me to venture into this industry. I am blessed with the skills I acquired overseas and is able to help clients design their dream home and 21st century office space.

PH: Who is 3AXIS and what does it stand for? 3AXIS is a one stop design and build company. We specialize in comprehensive building and interior design concepts, project management, construction, and 3D visualization. With over 16 years of accumulated expertise and our vast portfolio, we are prepared to assist and meet any design needs. Our team is experienced in dealing with all phases of a project - from conception to completion.

3AXIS clients are already leveraging on our design and build services to maximize their business performance. Our creative work fulfils all the key priorities of today's wired-in, environmentally-conscious family and business individuals giving flexibility, mobility, optimal utilization of resources and sustainability.

PH: How do you approach your design? We work closely with our clients in brainstorming the pros and cons of the initial concept and the branding of their company. The aim is to balance the client's set budget without compromising the quality and branding values that need to be delivered for a conducive space and sustainable business. Singaporean and Australian designs play a big role in my design style.

PH: What are some of the projects you've worked on? We got the opportunity to design and build Bina Puri's One Jesselton sales gallery and show units. We also worked with Asian Pac to design the lift lobbies to elevate The Loft's image and we designed and built a new corporate office for Grorich at Riverson SOHO.

PH: What is your most exciting project this year? We are currently working on the design of a 21st century office space for Medik-Link, a Medical Equipment Supplier. Our client's wish is to ditch the conventional office design and adapt a "Google” style office. We have redesigned the office to be more efficient and we've created extra room for employee oriented spaces. To date, we have converted their upper office floor into a casual meeting space for their staff to unwind or to entertain potential clients. We've also built a formal corporate meeting room on the same floor. The pantry has been redesigned to a café seating and atmosphere with natural light and ventilation for healthier environment.

PH: Can you give us an idea of what a 21st Century Office is? There are four main things that our clients look for; productivity, sustainability, creativity and connectiveness.

Employers love that their staff can work anywhere and anytime with flexibility. This will lead to an increase in productivity and eventually lead to a sustainable business. When a business is sustainable, the company branding will be strong. Its talented human capital can then be creatively stimulated and connect, resulting in more positive outcomes.

We are the best people to approach when it comes to designing and building your "Google” office. We create an environment for quiet thinking while spurring collaborations and networking between businesses through our design. Convenience, speed and flexibility are essential in any workplace. Our designs support the changing needs of business, eliminating overheads and excess of setting up traditional offices.

We want the 21st century office to adopt a green environment with shared common areas, a variety of services and digitally accessible. Imagine working in such an environment every day!

PH: Why is this 21st century office so important? Before we look at this new workplace concept, allow me to explain the logical process behind it. With business agility essential for survival, it is clear that the fixed workplace model established in the industrial age no longer works. That structure made sense at the time as it supported the work flow. But the model faded as business priorities shifted towards a global marketplace where technology, deregulation and increased mobility have changed the nature of work.

Today, business cycles are constantly changing. Work can now be performed anywhere, any time. Collaboration, connectivity and speed are the new touchstones of success. Changes in how offices work are inevitable in this ever-evolving world. Offices need flexibility, not huge spaces tied to multi-year leases. Management today knows what is wrong with the traditional workplace; costly and outdated offices with no flexibility to expand or contract spaces. Facility costs are usually a company's second largest fixed expense. Long-term leases that are no longer needed can weigh significantly on the balance sheet. It is also ecologically undesirable to be wasting both money and energy on large swaths of vacant office space.

PH: How will your design bring branding value to the client's business? It is all about first impressions, and you do not have a second chance to make another one. Here's how this was created for one of our clients: Leaving the elevator and walking towards our client's office, the location's glass door automatically opens, welcoming you as you enter the lobby. There, a professional receptionist formally greets you. As you look around and beyond the reception area you realize just how much thought and research must have gone into the design of the entire space. The layout of the reception area places the on-site support personnel squarely at the centre of all key activities. This ensures resource optimization, yielding savings in terms of personnel and service delivery. A completely wireless Boardroom features leaded glass to let natural light flow through. For privacy, the glass turns opaque with a simple flip of a switch. There is a service and support area just out of sight of guests and visitors, conveniently placed for client access.

PH: What are the main points of having such an expressive design? 1. Work anywhere, anyhow and anytime 2. Increases efficiency on where and when work gets done 3. Eliminate boundaries as to where productivity happens 4. Evolve in a virtually connected environment 5. Find a single integrated platform for work/live/ play 6. Flourish as part of a community of like-minded professionals 7. Create a workplace that is just as dynamic as the business

PH: Where do you see 3AXIS in 5 years' time? The sky is the limit. We aim to be recognized as an award-winning sustainable concept design Malaysian company. We are planning to expand our in-house designers to about 10 heads. We are also looking to create a presence in Singapore.

The company places high priority on the sustainability of every client's business. In view of this, we collaborated with brand consultants and human resource experts to ensure that the client's staff are well trained to become the company's brand ambassador in their new 21st Century office. At 3AXIS we believe in a wholesome branding experience for our clients.

3AXIS is also the proud owner of Zest Living which specializes in building designer bungalows and Dekor+, an online home decor store.

For a 21st century office design and build concept, contact Jason Poi C.S at or 012-828 2327. To check out 3AXIS' signature completed and ongoing projects, visit

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