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clock 05-02-2018
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‘Safety of Our Buildings of Utmost Importance'

PUTATAN: Government agencies and departments are urged to conduct a regular inspection of their respective buildings and ensure that maintenance works are carried out according to schedule.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin said those with a specialty such as the engineering units of every department need to be wary of each building's condition to avoid accidents and unwanted events.

"We need to think forward and be proactive in ensuring the safety of our buildings" he said, adding that a scheduled inspection is a must.

He was speaking to reporters after inspecting the ceiling of Putatan Health Clinic's pharmacy waiting hall here yesterday which was reported to have collapsed on Monday.

The incident, he said, was found to be caused by the weight of heavy electric cables resting on the ceiling.

"Electric cables were installed from time to time and they were placed on top (of the ceiling) without considering that these have added more weight, leading to the collapse" he explained.

The damaged section had since been repaired with the cables now repositioned and suspended instead of being rested on top of the ceiling.

No injuries were reported during the incident.

Also present were director of State Public Works Department (PWD) Datuk Amrullah Kamal and assistant director of State Health Department (family health development) Dr Asits Sanna.

According to Amrullah, every federal building has its own maintenance unit to monitor its safety and ensure that immediate actions are taken in conducting basic repair works.

He said that that major structural works and repairs, however, would require the advice of PWD.

"There has to be an emphasis on facility management in each building that would monitor whatever is necessary; facility managers are mostly available in large scale buildings such as this" he said.

Meanwhile, Assists mentioned that the State Health Department came to the scene for inspection around 1.30pm on Monday and found two reasons being the cause of the collapse - excessive loads of electric cables and insufficient suspension wires.

"The State Health Department will conduct regular inspections of buildings under the department including health clinics, rural clinics, hospitals and 1Malaysia clinics" he assured.

Operating since 2004, around 500 patients seek medical treatments daily at Putatan Health Clinic which has over 90 staff including two specialists and 18 medical assistants.

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