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Lighting Up the Community

KOTA KEMUNING - Lanterns, lights and laughter reigned at IJM Land Bandar Rimbayu's Mid Autumn Festival celebration. Held at The ARC show gallery, the evening drew a crowd of 2000, both from the Rimbayu community and the public. Together with their families, friends and neighbours, visitors had a fun-filled Malaysian style Moon Cake Festival celebration and discovered how the festival is celebrated in countries such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

The Mid Autumn Festival celebrates the harvest under a full moon and brings families together as they show appreciation for nature's abundance. The perfect occasion for joyful reunions with loved ones, the festival is not only celebrated by the Chinese all around the world, but also the Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

In China, it is the second grandest festival, also known as the Moon Festival, while in Japan it is called "Tsukimi” and associated with the custom of moon viewing. A traditional festival for children in Vietnam, there it is known as "Têt Trung Thu”. One of the biggest holidays in Korea, Mid Autumn Festival is known as "Chuseok" among the Koreans.

IJM Land's guests had the opportunity to witness the lighting of the 30ft x 10ft Dragon lantern. Complementing the colourful lights around Bandar Rimbayu, the star attraction added onto the cheerful and joyful atmosphere, with many families taking photos next to the lighted up dragon. From 5pm to 9pm, The ARC was abuzz with activity, with many visitors getting into the spirit of the festivities. Spread across the green show gallery, stalls representing the five countries showcased games and information on how Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated in the respective countries. At the Malaysian stall, visitors took time to partake in an array of Malaysian food, while 200 lanterns were given out to children of all ages.

One of the most anticipated activities was the lantern parade procession, where young ones carried their lighted lanterns and walked leisurely at The ARC. The procession also gave visitors the chance to enjoy the green scenery that Bandar Rimbayu is known for. Guests also wrote heartfelt messages to their loved ones on floating lanterns, which were released in the pond close by.

A cultural festival attended by Malaysians from all walks of life, visitors had fun trying their hand at popular games from the five countries. Some won prizes after winning games while others took creative photos of their friends and family wearing costumes. Children were treated to a BBQ and had fun trying to catch fish at the fishing pond. Visitors also indulged in a variety of mooncakes, a must have for every Mid Autumn Festival celebration - and took home good memories of the enjoyable evening at Bandar Rimbayu.

"The Mid Autumn Festival is one of most loved festivals among the Chinese community. Over the years, our friends and neighbours from different backgrounds have also joined in the fun, sharing the joys of lighted lanterns and eating delectable mooncakes. We at Bandar Rimbayu, not only build a comfortable home for families but also want to give them opportunities to bond among one another through fun events in the township" said Susan Teh, Sales and Marketing Senior Manager at Bandar Rimbayu.

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