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AirBnb Under Hotels and Lodging Houses by-Laws According to DBKK

DBKK will be looking to crack down on illegal AirBnb operations in Kota Kinabalu according to Stanley Chong, Director of City Planning Department Kota Kinabalu City Hall.

Presenting a paper on AirBnb at the 5th Sabah International Surveyors' Congress in Sutera Harbour on 21 August, Stanley said that DBKK considers AirBnb as Lodging Houses which provide short-term rental for sleeping accommodation to lodgers shall abide to the Hotels and Lodging Houses By-Laws 1966.

"Only land zoned for commercial or commercial mixed-use area may be used as AirBnb," Stanley says, adding that the building plan and development plan for AirBnb units must comply to Bomba technical requirements and standards. Under the Hotels and Lodging Houses By-Laws 1966, there must also be a grant of license by the city council to the operator as well as a health certificate in order to deem an AirBnb operation legal.

All AirBnb operations not complying to the regulations will be liable to action from DBKK according to Stanley. He does believe however, there is still a need to review and create new regulations specifically for AirBnb operations in Kota Kinabalu.

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