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5 Ways AirBnB Owners Can Upscale Their AirBnB Property

When the relaxation of Malaysia's standard operating procedure (SOP) was announced, local Airbnb owners could further improve their socioeconomic status by attracting more foreign and local tourists to their Airbnb properties. In order to do so, efficient refurbishing is crucial as a way to escalate the number of bookings. Here are some ways AirBnB owners can enhance the quality of their AirBnB property:

1. First Impression Matter

Guests who come into an Airbnb property will immediately judge the appearance and the cleanliness of each room such as the living area, the bathroom, and the bedrooms. First impressions are crucial because not only will they be uncomfortable during their entire stay, but they will take note of it and put up an awful review of your AirBnB to discourage other future guests from booking your property.

To avoid the situation, owners should keep up with regular cleanliness by making sure no bugs or insects are hiding in dark areas, changing bedsheets and pillowcases after every booking, removing dust from every corner, consistent organisation of furniture and objects, and ensuring electrical appliances and the water pipelines are still functioning.

2. Ensuring Guests' Entertainment

Entertainment can range from books to electronics such as television. Some of the ways to entertain guests are to provide free Wi-Fi for guests to use, to provide a television for guests to check out local channels or watch free Netflix, or provide board games for children to play as a way to curb their boredom. If guests are looking for a place to destress from their everyday life, owners should offer brochures that give tourist spots information for them to visit and enjoy spending their time. 

3. Appealing to A Niche of Guests

Another point to take note of is if owners are prioritising a certain type of guests, such as a family with children, owners should consider babyproofing sharp corners of tables, providing high chairs for babies, or offering coffee and tea for the adults. If owners are prioritising a pair of couples, owners should consider making a cosy and romantic ambience for couples to enjoy and relax when staying in.

4. Maximising the Use of Quality Decorations

Other than providing basic amenities to guests, owners should be aware of quality decorations that can further enhance the overall look or vibes of their Airbnb property. A possible way of decorating your property includes placing indoor plants to bring in some greenery and better air quality or hanging up wall paintings to inspire creativity, improve their moods, and stimulate conversations. If owners do not want to invest in physical decorations due to limited space, another possible way to decorate is by creating a focal point in a room such as a wall art, or textured wallpapers that can improve the overall vibes or appearance.

5. Generating Extra Profit

When it comes to booking a place, rental guests are always looking out for affordable choices, However, owners may feel that if their property is rented at a low price, especially if it is located at a strategic location, they might think that they are generating low profit. There are other ways owners can maximise their profit without charging their guests an expensive price. Owners can provide extra optional paid services such as luggage storage if guests have travel delays, placing a small vending machine that provides beverages or snacks for guests to consume, or offering to provide breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Upscaling your AirBnB may look like an exhausting effort, but with the right attitude and an extra pinch of creativity, it can help you in the long term.

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