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Pat on the Back for DBKU, MBKS

KUCHING: Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg commended Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) and Kuching South City Council (MBKS) for their efforts in utilising technology for communicating with city folks.

The Chief Minister believed that the usage of technology will bring the two city councils closer to the people besides providing more effective services through feedback from the people.

"I wish to thank the two city councils for trying to make use of advanced technology in their communications with the people in the city.

"I believe that by utilising technology in communications, we will be closer to the people. Hence, we will be able to provide better and more effective service to the people" he said at the launching ceremony of 29th Kuching City Day Celebration at Stadium Perpaduan here yesterday.

DBKU yesterday launched its ‘DBKU Metropolitan Free WiFi' named ‘Free WiFi for Rakyat'. The first phase of this project covers areas around Padang Merdeka and Waterfront. The free WiFi service will be extended to other areas in stages.

The other project that was launched was the DBKU WhatsApp hotline (016-8864466), which provides an alternative for city folks to forward information, complaints and suggestions to DBKU faster, accurately and in a more systematic way.

Noting that the world today has embraced technology, Abang Johari said nobody could avoid technological transformation in their daily tasks.

"That is why the state government has made a bold proposal to build a Light Railway Transit (LRT) in Kuching that will be connected with Kota Samarahan and Serian.

"Although the cost (of construction) will be massive, I'm sure with smart people around us, we will be able to implement this project effectively within the next 10 years and I'm sure we will be able to upgrade the infrastructure.”

He said the state government hoped that the public transport operators in the city would make use of technology such as electricity-powered bus as a way to maintain the cleanliness of the city and reduce smoke emission that pollutes the environment.

"We will try to use the latest technology, including electricity that will be used by our public transport in the city. We have a lot of energy resources. We have acquired Bakun Dam, it is now owned by the state government and Sarawakians.

"With this abundant energy, we must optimise and utilise the resources to move forward…These will be implemented by the government. With the cooperation between local government and city councils, we will transform our city to be better and more environment-friendly. Then, we will be able to provide good environment (for the people) to live in Kuching.”

The Chief Minister also said the state government would upgrade a few recreational areas in the "Among the big projects that we want to implement are to transform the old State Legislative Assembly (building) to be a performing arts centre. This will enable the young people to portray our unique culture in Sarawak as the foundation of the unity among our people.”

He added that the area would be connected with the bridge in front of the new State Legislative Assembly building, straight to the Kuching Waterfront and other areas of attraction in the city centre up to Padungan.

"I'm confident that the plans that we will implement will transform Kuching as a unique city that is very attractive besides being people-friendly.”

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