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PH Is Going Bi-Monthly

As the saying goes, "change is the only constant”. Without change there will be no growth, and without growth, there will be no prosperity. So far, it has been an exciting journey for Property Hunter. This past year or so, we have made some tweaks and additions. In January 2016, we changed the overall look of the magazine. In January, this year, we finally launched the much-anticipated PH App. A lot of time and creative work was put into both processes, and thankfully so far, they have been very well received.

Another very exciting milestone for Property Hunter last month was being awarded the prestigious MSC status by MDec. To be given this title, it means that a company must be an IT or IT-facilitated company. And that's exactly where Property Hunter is heading towards.

To achieve this, we hope to eventually shift from being a publishing company, into a fully-integrated IT company. And the first step in this process is that we have made the decision to change our magazine from being a monthly, into a bi-monthly publication.

The decision to go bi-monthly is so that the transition into going fully digital will be easier for everyone involved. We will slowly shift our focus into moving all the content to our website.

The first bi-monthly magazine issue will be rolled-out in June this year.

We sincerely hope that you understand and will still support us all the way. Sometimes these changes are necessary and they have been thought of carefully. Every decision we make is usually made by putting you, our readers and our clients, in mind.

Thank you always!

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