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Welcome to the Met Corporate Towers

Designed as an answer to the question "what's next?” for a premier business address, The Met is a business destination that addresses the needs of diverse corporate communities, young or established, local or global, in the heart of KL Metropolis, the new city centre within 5km of the KL CBD. It will be where the world meets and its visionary new concept redefines the new business class.

The first, if not only premium grade strata office suites in KL Metropolis and Mont Kiara boasts a brand new 3rd space concept that will appeal to multinationals, corporations, professionals and millennials alike. The 3rd space is a departure from traditional office spaces in the way it integrates personal and professional spaces, promoting a high-performance but balanced culture by blurring the divide between work and play. It is a space where people are more motivated and more productive, comprising areas which cater to three distinct business communities - the new generation and emergent businesses, growing and medium-sized companies and also large corporations and MNCs.

Housing these diverse communities in a common location requires solutions for high functionality and not just from the aspect of tailoring each work space to suit different needs. Especially for a strata development, the spatial characteristics, featured facilities and individual components must be versatile yet uniformed in their offerings to ensure a positive relationship and cohabitation amongst members of these dynamic communities. The Met fulfils these possibilities holistically.

Professionally managed business and recreational facilities have also been carefully planned to cater to differing demands. For example, the needs of smaller businesses that require additional meeting areas will be met in the common meeting room facilities, medium-sized companies will find the extended boardrooms and seminar rooms highly beneficial, while larger MNCs will be able to enjoy the maximized capacity of the auditorium and the glass box function hall. and etc will definitely be an added feature to integrate the diverse business needs.

With the pioneering 3rd space concept, and improved space utilisation and efficiency, The Met is ready for today's corporate needs and that of millennials. From careful planning to ensure Fibre Optic readiness, WIFI in common areas, and charging stations for electric/hybrid cars, to technical specifications such as generous 3.6-metre high ceilings for every office units, 23 passenger lifts, and a grand 10-metre ceiling height lobby; The Met will be a true home for business at KL Metropolis.

In short, when it is the pride of the developer, it is the dream for investors!

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