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PropNex Sales Convention 2024, Sets New Record With Astonishing RM137 Million in Annual Sales

PropNex, the fast-growing real estate agency in Malaysia, recently hosted the highly successful PropNex Sales Convention 2024. The convention celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of top sales professionals and achievers from six branches, highlighting their pivotal role in driving the success of PropNex.

PropNex's exceptional performance in the first quarter of 2024 was evident with an impressive growth rate of 53%. This remarkable achievement demonstrates the agency's ability to navigate and thrive in the dynamic real estate market.

The convention also recognised the exceptional performance of five individuals who achieved millionaire status through their sales achievements. These individuals serve as an inspiration to others, showcasing what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication.

The top 10 performers at PropNex showcased their exceptional sales achievements, with an average ranging from RM600,000 to RM2.2 million. Their success not only highlights their individual accomplishments but also reflects the overall strength and expertise of PropNex's salesforce.

PropNex further solidified its commitment to excellence by unveiling a comprehensive sector training program aimed at enhancing professionalism within the agency. This program will equip agents with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Recognising the importance of technology in the real estate industry, PropNex has invested RM5 million in IT solutions for subsales and projects. This investment will improve efficiency and effectiveness, allowing agents to better serve their clients and streamline their operations.

"We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for their exceptional performance and commitment to excellence," said  Marcus Teng CEO of PropNex. "Their hard work and dedication have played a crucial role in driving the success of PropNex and we are immensely proud of their accomplishments."

With a dedicated team of 1300 agents, PropNex has solidified its position as the NREA Most Awarded Agency. Their total annual sales amounting to RM137 million underscore their leadership in the real estate industry and their unwavering commitment to excellence.

PropNex would like to express sincere appreciation to their esteemed leaders - CEO Marcus Teng, COO Evon Heng, CPO Steve Tong, and CMO Yuki Wan - for their exceptional leadership and vision. Their strategic insights have shaped the future of PropNex and set the agency on a path of continued success.

Special Guest, Lim Yong Hock, the KEO of PropNex Singapore, has also played a significant role in fostering a stronger connection between PropNex Malaysia and PropNex Singapore. Through his efforts, the agencies have achieved significant accomplishments and fostered a unified PropNex family.

As PropNex continues to lead the way in the real estate sector, the agency invites industry stakeholders and enthusiasts to stay tuned for the upcoming Malaysia Property Xpo on 29-30th June 2024. This event will provide an opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative solutions and industry-leading expertise that PropNex has to offer.

The Sales Convention 2024 was a testament to the strength and unity of the PropNex family and the agency is grateful for the invaluable contributions of all participants. As they look towards the future, PropNex remains committed to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation, ensuring that they continue to lead the way in the real estate industry.

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