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The Makeover Guys Unveil New Interior Themed Sets Designed to Create Perfect Home Interiors

Redefining the art of makeovers (literally), Malaysia’s leading design renovators The Makeover Guys have unveiled seven new sets of themed interiors, especially for home interiors. Aptly named Essentia, the collection is a celebration of minimalist textures and soothing neutrals that will elevate any unit into an inviting modern enclave. The clean, sophisticated palettes of these interiors mark a clear intersection between modern design and an understanding of the property market for homeowners and rentals alike, bringing the heart into homes and creating an ambience that is both modern, minimalist and inviting.


“As tenants become increasingly spoiled for choice in our vibrant rental market, homeowners have also been looking for ways to jazz up their rental properties. First impressions are everything in this case! Our dual expertise in both design and in the tenant market ensures that Essentia is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it also provides real, tangible value to help homeowners better market their rentals. We help them make the right first impression — with design elements that are picture-perfect and wallet-perfect too,” shares Gavin Liew, Chief Executive Officer of The Makeover Guys. “We understand that homeowners also aspire to upgrade their own residences, and our design proficiency extends to transforming personal spaces into havens of style and comfort as well. The meticulously curated elements of Essentia help cater to personal preferences while remaining budget-friendly, allowing homeowners to stand out and thrive in this competitive landscape.


Blending minimalism and functionality, Essentia’s themed interior sets offer an effortless solution for homeowners looking to give their living space a revamp, covering virtually every essential decorative aspect of the modern home. From lighting calibration to interior designs to size and design of key furnishing pieces — including home staples provided by The Makeover Guys such as a sofa, coffee table, dining table, and queen-sized bed —  are meticulously selected and curated in terms of style and colour coordination. The sum total of these efforts? A home environment which exudes comfort, cohesiveness, and harmony.


Essentia’s themes masterfully weave solid colours and minimalist textures, to bring out every ambience from cosy to sleek:


Biscuit Basket blends creamy beige tones and light-hued wooden furniture pieces to cook up a soothing ambience — one that feels as warm, homely, and cosy as an afternoon at home with freshly-baked goods.


An ode to timelessness and starting afresh, Clean Slate is a celebration of minimalist Scandinavian flair. Cooling shades of grey and white make for a serene space, perfectly balanced with subtle wood planes and textures.


Gray’s Anatomy is precisely that: a study of the wonders of different shades of grey, elegantly balancing the different depths of colour with pops of dark wood furnishing and sleek metal accents.


Using the tried and true classic of warm white interiors offset against zen wooden furniture, Mahogany Charm creates a space which both soothes and, like its name, charms with its simplicity.


Marie’s Condo sparks joy with different undertones of ivory, cream and khaki! Coupled with the light hues of smooth wood, this set is tailored for individuals who discover happiness in simple, uncluttered living.


With pops of colour in decor and furnishings amidst a clean, functional interior, Perhaps Chris offers a beautiful blend of comfort and sophistication, along with a distinct spark of individuality.


Simply Sienna invokes a cosily tranquil vibe within a space by employing warm neutrals in both furnishings and colour scheme, evoking imagery of hearth and heart. The end result? A safe haven, encouraging rest, relaxation and comfort.


Rental property owners can easily begin the process for a modern makeover of their units with a cost estimation from The Makeover Guys via its official website. The service is available to homeowners in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu.


Having built a name for themselves as the modern renovators of today, The Makeover Guys are well-loved in the home improvement space for their usage of designs that work around existing property elements. Having refurbished over 7,000 living spaces for both individual and rental stays, they have set the new standard in renovation, working tirelessly to give homeowners the dream home they deserve.


To get started with booking the Essentia line or to find out more about The Makeover Guys, please visit


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