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Plaza Semporna in Good Hands - Strategic Team Led by Datin Stella Ambrose

Plaza Semporna, the tourism-cantered township, is set to flourish under the capable leadership of Datin Stella Ambrose. As Head of Engineering & Property Development at Sawit Kinabalu Group (SKG), Stella and her dedicated team, along with carefully selected consultants, are poised to not only ensure the timely completion of this project but also bring forth creative ideas that will have far-reaching effects on Semporna as a tourism destination.

One of the significant impacts that Plaza Semporna aims to make is addressing the lack of amenities and attractions in the town, particularly at night, following visits by tourists to the pristine islands off Semporna. Many have noted that a well-executed Plaza Semporna will contribute to attracting repeat visitors to Semporna as it enhances the overall experience by providing attractions on the town-side.

During our meeting with Datin Stella, it became evident that her journey is marked by continuous education and self-improvement. After graduating with honors in chemical engineering from UMIST, UK in 1994, she joined SKG and has since demonstrated exceptional abilities in her career progression within the organization.

Stella's dedication to learning led her to obtain a 1st Grade Steam Engineer Certificate of Competency and a Diploma in Palm Oil Milling Technology with distinction. Notably, she holds the esteemed distinction of being the first lady engineer in Malaysia to hold both the 2nd and 1st Grade Steam Engineer Certificates of Competency.

As the then General Manager (Processing & Engineering), Stella spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives within Sawit Kinabalu Group. She restructured the Processing & Engineering Division, implementing the company's strategy of "Turning Waste into Wealth." Under her guidance, Sawit Kinabalu successfully executed projects such as the Biogas Power Plant in Apas Balung Mill and other ventures including the sawit shield production plant, dried long fiber (DLF) and charcoal plant, and OPF animal feed plant.

Stella has assisted in the establishment of Sawit Kinabalu's Sustainability Unit, where she made significant contributions. She served as secretary of the central committee and chairman of the RSPO and MSPO working committee for Sawit Kinabalu Group, amplifying her impact on sustainable practices in the industry. The real estate industry eagerly anticipates how SKG will incorporate sustainable elements into their property projects.

Transitioning into the real estate world, Stella showcased her methodical and strategic approach. She engaged a cohort of consultants and engineers, ensuring a professional approach. Despite the challenges posed by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic shortly after the project groundbreaking, Stella's strategic mindset prevailed. Alongside her team, she re-strategised the development concept and components of Plaza Semporna, resulting in an overwhelming response to the shop office launch. The market now eagerly awaits the launch of the Commercial Suites.

Stella humbly acknowledges that this is just the beginning for SKG in the property world. With a reported land bank, industry players in Sabah keenly observe SKG's next moves in the real estate industry. As Sawit Kinabalu Group embarks on a new chapter of diversification and faces new competition, the presence of an innovative leader with the right technical skills becomes crucial.

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