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5 Benefits of Staying in a Serviced Residence in Sabah

Serviced residence is generally fully-furnished houses that provide guests hotel-like amenities and services such as housekeeping. Serviced residences are also known as serviced apartments or serviced suites. Here are 5 benefits of staying in a serviced residence:

1. More Space

Serviced residence unit from The Shore

Despite guests being offered hotel-like amenities, that does not mean the amount of space of the residence is equivalent to a hotel room. Serviced residences offer a bigger space with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen, much like a typical apartment. The extra space allows guests to cook food by themselves or watch television together.

2. Location

Located at the heart of the city, The Crown Kota Kinabalu

Guests who prefer being in a central location can rejoice in the fact that serviced residences are located in and around the city centre. Shopping malls, banks, and restaurants are easily accessible for guests to have a sightseeing day. 

3. Length of Stay

The Logg-Shorea & Astoria, Kota Kinabalu

Another good thing about serviced residences is that it is catered to those who wish to stay for a short period of time or a long period of time. Guests would not worry about the duration of their stay in a serviced residence.

4. Facilities

Damai Suites, a serviced residence in Sabah

Depending on each serviced residence, they may offer hotel-like facilities such as the gym, swimming pool, bar, meeting room, banquet facilities, and much more. Guests may take advantage of fully utilising these facilities whenever they wish to.

5. Booking Convenience

D'Millenia Residences, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Renting a serviced residence is convenient compared to renting an apartment as it involves guests paying for their stay without going through a long procedure. Guests may be able to rent hassle-free. 

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