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clock 02-06-2022
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Papar Town to Soon Have Their Own Cinema

Papar residents will soon be able to enjoy movies without having to travel far. 10Star Cinemas Sdn Bhd, a new company, will open its seventh theatre in the state, which will be equipped with high-tech equipment to show a variety of films. 

This cinema will be located in Parklane City and will open in March of the following year. It will be the latest in a string of new developments in the Papar region that are improving the quality of life for residents. 

With that, locals will get the opportunity to experience high-end laser projectors from Belgium as well as the most up-to-date sound system from India, and enjoy delicious popcorn with seedlings imported from the United States.

The cinema will feature six halls, four of which will have 70 seats each and two of which will have 120 seats each.

One of the six halls is dedicated to watching 3D movies, while the other is dedicated to showcasing local Sabahan films, allowing local filmmakers to showcase their work.

The cinema would be placed on the ground floor, with eight units with 18-foot high ceilings, six halls, an office, a kitchen, and a small store selling soft drinks and popcorn.

According to 10Star Cinemas Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Onn Norshal bin Hamzah, the company picked Parklane as the site for the cinema since a feasibility survey revealed the location to be highly appealing as people are increasingly moving to new townships like Benoni.

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