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Land NFTs, the Sandbox and Multi Million Dollar Virtual Real Estate - Whats the Buzz?

Did you know that there are over 3.2 billion gamers around the world and that the average gamer spends $100 - $200 per year on gaming?

Cryptocurrencies have been competing to get in on the gaming industry and one of them, The Sandbox recently went interstellar after launching its metaverse that offers virtual real estate, called Land NFTs. 

Much like the real world, investors can buy property and develop their assets where users can then create avatars and meet, work and play.

Inside of The Sandbox metaverse. Photo source: Sandbox

At the beginning of this year, The Sandbox announced that its first wave of public LAND sales broke NFT record sales with nearly $3 million dollars raised.

By early November 2021, The Sandbox announced that it had raised a staggering $93 Million in a funding round led by one of the biggest investment companies in the world, SoftBank.

The Sandbox goes interstellar in Land NFTs in 2021. Photo source: Medium

Adrian Cheng, CEO of Hong Kong real estate giant New World Development is now venturing into the virtual universe and has announced that he will acquire one of the largest plots of digital land on The Sandbox.

“Providing platforms for the next generation to be empowered to create, innovate and feel part of something that’s paving the way for the future is critical to progress,” said Cheng, “The digital world is constantly evolving and we need to stay at the forefront of these changes by continuously exploring and developing the metaverse.”

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