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Before Decorating Your House, Read This

Moving into a new place should be a joyful moment but it can also be a time of indecisiveness, especially when it comes to decorating.

With some planning, and by following the steps used by interior designers, our own little space will be set up in no time. 

First thing first, do not go shopping for furniture in panic.

It is crucial to know the measurements to match the scale of the furniture to the scale of the room. Carefully measuring the space can avoid unnecessary problems.

Once you are done with the measurements, create a floorplan to give you that bird’s eye view of the entire home. After you are done with the outline, start to experiment with the furniture placement. 

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Decide which style and how you want to live.

Rooms can be modern or traditional, relaxed or formal, and visually warm or cool. You can also try to look into design books or magazines, along with online resources such as Houzz, Instagram or Pinterest for references. Tape your ideas out into the outline in which the furniture will be placed on floors and against the walls.

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Develop a budget

In order to avoid any unwanted spendings on the furniture, it is always better to plan the phases of finishing the groundwork and ceiling painting before moving any furniture or accessories into space.


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