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clock 19-02-2021
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Propnex and Property Hunter Are Starting a Year of Fun New Online Events Together!

Leading real estate agency, Propnex is teaming up with Property Hunter for a year full of webinars and online events. Their first event will go live on Propnex Facebook and Propflix this Saturday, February 20th. Tune in to join in on an exciting lucky draw!

“This year, PropNex Sabah is happy to announce our collaboration with Property Hunter – the LARGEST property media network in East Malaysia! With the current rise in online activities and events, we want to take this opportunity to ensure that everyone gets a chance to stay productive and be effective no matter where they are!” said Philomena Chai, agency leader of Propnex Sabah.

She added, “Property Hunter is accessible through their website and app, where users can check out our latest events with ease. You can view our upcoming events or even re-watch past ones! Thanks to Property Hunter’s support, we are now able to reach more people with our virtual talks all about the various aspects of real estate! Watch this space and Property Hunter’s website for more information coming very soon!”

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