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Gamuda Land Hosts Malaysia’s First Gravity-Fuelled Luge Attraction

Gamuda Land has formalised its collaboration with Skyline Enterprise, a Queenstown-based leisure and entertainment operator in a virtual signing ceremony to develop the country’s first luge activity park in Gamuda Gardens, Sungai Buloh. The agreement was signed by Gamuda Land chief executive officer Ngan Chee Meng and Skyline Enterprises Ltd chairperson Jan Hunt. 

The upcoming attraction will comprise Skyline Luge, Skyline Skyride and Skyline Ziplines to be built on a 430,556 sq ft site overlooking Gamuda Gardens. With a projected annual visitorship of 450,000, it complements the township’s existing Xploria placemaking initiative, benefiting residents and surrounding communities alike and positioning the township as a catalyst for growth in northern Klang Valley.

 “We remain steadfast in our vision for homes and home seekers across our portfolio, in line with market impacts following the Covid-19 outbreak. Building for the future, we anticipate renewed interest in outdoor recreation post-pandemic and are developing our offerings accordingly. Skyline Luge is representative of this initiative,” said Ngan. 

 “As a single-person ride attraction, we would be able to administer appropriate physical distancing guidelines throughout, for the safety of visitors, Gamuda Gardens and the surrounding community,” he added.

 A gravity-fuelled wheeled ride, Skyline Luge will allow visitors to control their descent from the top of its 40m elevated hill site, through the twists and turns of a 600m purpose-built track. As part of its footfall, Skyline Enterprises anticipates the park will cater for up to 1.1 million luge rides annually.

 Meanwhile, Skyline Skyride offers a more scenic, leisurely adventure, giving a bird’s eye view of Gamuda Gardens and the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. In addition, Skyline Ziplines will soar over the Skyline Luge tracks, comprising multiple lines so friends and family can experience their thrills at the same time. With 58,000 zipline rides projected yearly, they complement the Luge Activity Park with adrenaline-pumping action.

 In line with this, Skyline Luge, Skyline Skyride and Skyline Ziplines serve as added pull factors driving the growth of Gamuda Gardens, an 810-acre township in Klang Valley’s northern growth corridor. It is conveniently accessible by major routes including the North-South, Latar and Guthrie Corridor Expressways.

 Capitalising on the splendour of its location, Gamuda Garden’s master plan incorporates two waterfalls, five cascading lakes and ample greenery, in line with Gamuda Land’s sustainability and town-making principles. Illaria, its most recent launch comprising three-storey townhouses and double-storey link homes, saw brisk uptake despite current market headwinds. Skyline Luge, Skyline Skyride and Skyline Ziplines will open in 2023.

 Also present at the event is Gamuda Land chief operations officer Aw Sei Cheh, Skyline Enterprises Ltd chief executive officer Geoff McDonald and Skyline Luge director (Kuala Lumpur) Datuk Aria Yogesvaran. 

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