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Play, Learn & Share Everything Property With Propflix - LIVE NOW

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They say the best investment is an investment in your mind, but why not make it a fun investment? You can now play, learn and share new real estate topics in a relevant and captivating way with Propflix, now live on Property Hunter.

Propflix is a video streaming platform that broadcasts video tutorials, guides and property tours. With social distancing, the new norm and travel restrictions still in place, getting the information you need can be a tricky task. Digitalisation seems to be the only way forward to safely and accurately learn about real estate investing and ‘visit’ property sites. 

Oversea investors can now take advantage of this platform to proceed with their business ventures while never taking out their passport and meanwhile, busy home seekers can conveniently top up their real estate education at any time out of their day. You will be the first to tune in to live forums with special real estate players and the first to try out new technology used in the industry such as interactive 3D house simulations.

Just like Netflix you can kick back and chill to property entertainment. 

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