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3 Tips to Keep Bugs Away From Your Home

It is a fact of life that creepy crawlies are frequent uninvited guests in your home. They seek refuge and manage to find a way to make part of your home theirs. Here are three tips to protect your home from them.

1. Prevention

Prevention is your best defence to keep your house from being invaded by pests. Practising good cleaning habits will soon render pests extinct from your home.

Insects have basic needs just like humans – food, water and shelter. These things are easier to find in your home so insects choose to migrate to your comfortable and welcoming home.

To prevent this migration, you should first get all your windows and doors weatherproofed to seal any cracks around the ledges. This gets rid of entrances for insects to enter your house.

You should also check for caulk cracks in the bathroom and kitchen, as the slightest crack can give them access into your home. Check around your doors and windows for gaps, and replace window stripping where needed.

2. Clean up

Now that there’s no way in, make sure you don’t allow them to repopulate your house. Your bad habits are an invitation to insects. Do not leave rubbish around your house especially dirty dishes with food remnants.

Insects will appreciate the offerings you leave for them, and now that they know there’s food around your house, they will be more than happy to stay.

Standing water can attract all kinds of pests as many of them are attracted to water and can actually swim. Leaving your dishes to soak overnight is not a very good idea unless you are planning on hosting a pool party for pests.

Keeping your house clean is important to keep pests at bay. If you don’t have enough time or if it’s too much of a hassle, you can always get your home regularly cleaned by hiring a part-time maid.

3. Pest control

If all else fails, your only option left is to hire a pest control service. Get a professional to come over regularly and spray an anti-pest solution around your home.

Insects, especially cockroaches like to hide in dark and warm corners which makes it hard for you to notice them.

Be aware of the signs of cockroach infestation like faecal droppings, egg casings and spotting cockroaches in the daytime.

The rainy season attracts bugs to join you in your home due to the cold and wet. If you have a problem keeping them out and are in dire need of a pest control service, do hire professionals to protect your home from a pest invasion.

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