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Kiulu Folks Stage Protest to Reclaim Customary Land

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Some 50 residents of Tiong Tomburong Village in Jalan Tomis, Kiulu, gathered at the Native Court (MAN) in Kiulu, Tuesday, to support the claim for a portion of the customary land of about 4.05 acres that was allegedly trespassed.

It is understood that the claim was in line with the decision of the initial border plan between the representatives of Kampung Tiong Karanaan and Tamparuli MAN in December 2016.

In the effort to preserve the border, the villagers of Tiong Tomburong gathered in front of Kiulu MAN’s entrance while waiting for discussion between the residents’ representative and Kiulu Chief, Daukim Gilu, to be over.

Residents’ representative of Tiong Tomburong Village, Rusinah Sinti claimed that the land was trespassed by the villagers of Kampung Tiong Karanaan when some of the land was used as burial ground for the villagers. 

He also claimed that the residents of Tiong Karanaan Village marked a new border using a red painted wooden sticks for a distance of 120-meter.

“The mark goes beyond the original boundaries of the Tonuui River, which was respected by the original leaders of both villages since the time of our forefathers,” he said after filing a lawsuit.

Rusinah, who is also the Chairman of the Lembaga Amanah Muafakat Kampung (LPAMK), said their act in making the mark and placing a new boundaries beyond the Tonuui River actually involved the agricultural areas, public facilities, churches and Kampung Tomburong land.

Meanwhile, former chairman of Kg Tomburong Development and Security Committee (JKKK), Loidah Gokin, 49, said the issue had been ongoing since 2014. 

“Although the original boundary of the Tonuui River linking the Goruntung River and the Kiulu River does not have a black-and-white paper agreement, it has to be respected for its customary heritage and due to the act of marking the new border, it has caused a dispute between the villagers,” he said. .

Tiong Tomburong Village has over 20 houses comprising about 400 residents, mostly working as farmers and rubber tappers.

It is understood that the court will announce the next trial date to announce its decision.

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