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Property Management Malaysia Company PLUSH Is the Top AirBnB Management Service Company

PLUSH, a Property management Malaysia, that specialised in AirBnB management takes care of everything. The people of Kuala Lumpur continue to enjoy first-class end-to-end services of PLUSH, a property management Malaysia service provider.

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Presently, PLUSH Services manages over 100 property units in Kuala Lumpur, which has opened a new chapter in the property management industry. These days, homeowners, developers and property investors, who want to rent out their homes, Airbnb style, are leaving it to the experts – PLUSH Services. They no longer have to carry around a long to-do list.

It can be intricate to find a reputable AirBnB agent Malaysia who will manage the property to market standards. Many property owners are overwhelmed by the demanding requirements of properties. For example, cleaning or handling repairs can be tough, especially for property owners or investors, who have multiple roles to play, at times.

PLUSH Services 

PLUSH Services help property owners and investors in taking care of almost everything surrounding property management. Property owners rest assured that profits are steady while PLUSH deals with everything, including interior design, with the sole purpose of showcasing the property strategically to a prospective tenant.

The company also manages housekeeping and laundry services with the slightest fuss. Repairs and routine maintenance of the property are done by a team of experts that is available on call. PLUSH also manages professional listings with high definition pictures of the property, to attract exclusive tenants. Lastly, all the paperwork, for example, monthly bills or profit structures are handled by a select team in the company for professional tracking of progress.

The company also stands out in the property market in Malaysia by promising over 20% to 40% return rate to property owners. This is only achievable by optimizing the listing across different platforms with diverse pricing models to boost yield. Homeowners feel less stressed with PLUSH’s amazing management system that focuses on increasing profits efficiently.

The quality of services drives PLUSH. This is because guests in need of AirBnB services are looking out to be amazed. Over 80% of customers leave a 5-star rating. This is a mark of satisfaction for outstanding services that proves that PLUSH does not disappoint. The warm Malaysian hospitality experience is no longer a dream but a reality. Guests are also beginning to feel the welcoming and super host hospitality brought closer home by a high-ranking Airbnb Management Company. Get in touch with PLUSH Services by speaking with the customer representative today.

Contact Info:
Name: Yap Vin Li
Organization: PLUSH Services
Address: KLCC, A2-9-3A Soho Suites 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6 017-331 9747

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