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clock 05-06-2019
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Housing and Local Ministry to Set Up a Committee on Needs of Disabled-Friendly Facilities

The Housing and Local Government Ministry is to set up a committee within the next six months to feed it input and advice on the provision of disabled-friendly basic facilities in public building and housing scheme projects.

Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said the committee is necessary because the implementation of these facilities and infrastructure is not comprehensive.

She said there is a satisfactory provision of disabled-friendly facilities in large buildings in local authority areas but the accessibility for disabled people in small buildings must be improved.

"Hence, the necessity for this committee," she told a press conference after a meeting with the representatives of several disabled people groups at her office.

Zuraida said the ministry also wants disabled people to advise it on the needs of the disabled in the overall physical development of the country.

She said this is necessary because the movement of some disabled people appointed to the local councils in Selangor is restricted and, at times, they find it difficult to serve the people at the appropriate time.

She also said that the Pakatan Harapan government does not discriminate against the disabled.

Citing an example, she said the government has invited applications from all disabled people for the purchase of houses in projects of the ministry.

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