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Check Out Some of the Most Expensive Properties in Malaysia!

Are you ready for a glimpse into the super-rich world of affluence and property excess? The most expensive homes in Malaysia offer a fascinating look at some of the nation's most aspirational, and inspirational, properties.

It also offers an entertaining (but still educational, okay!) look at some of the factors that impact property prices. It's time to explore what a dream house can tell us about Malaysia's property market.

Let's get started with a look at some of Malaysia's most expensive properties, postal addresses, and places to live. Here's a rundown of some of the most luxuriously pricey properties on PropertyGuru today.

*Asking price for each property is accurate as of May 9, 2019.

1) Serviced Residence - The Robertson, Jalan Robertson, Kuala Lumpur

This outstanding serviced residence represents some of the highest price per square foot for residential property in Malaysia. The Robertson is at the heart of vibrant Bukit Bintang, providing the perfect location for exceptional connectivity alongside outstanding urban amenities.

Why's It Priced At RM2.3 Million?

The area: Bukit Bintang is one of KL's most vibrant areas, with exclusive apartments and luxury malls sitting beside some of Malaysia's most popular street food areas and nightlife. It's a fusion of everything great about downtown living.

Desirability: While popular areas like Mont Kiara attract a more relaxed and affluent crowd, there's no denying that Bukit Bintang continues to enjoy popularity amongst buyers looking for some downtown buzz. That also makes it the perfect place for buy-to-let residential or holiday apartments.

Size: Apartments aren't known for their spacious design, which means enjoying a luxuriously spacious place to relax makes for big money property in areas like BB.

Presentation: If you're spending big money on an apartment, you want to know it's finished to the finest detail. The slick presentation of this apartment offers a huge boost to its desirability, showcasing exceptional design and an attractive minimalist aesthetic.

Security: You not only enjoy access to the city on your doorstep, you get to benefit from a doorstep that's extremely well protected. This guarded development includes 24/7 security guards and a robust security setup to ensure your safety. They even get annoyed if you try and slip out without using the right gate.

Connectivity: You're just a few minutes' from Jalan Alor! What more do you need? Alongside that you're just a short walk to any number of major shopping malls, a quick hop to a monorail station, and right beside Jalan Pudu and its connections to major routes and highways. Just don't try the traffic at rush hour.

2) Affluent Integrated Development - Forest City, Johor

Forest City might be controversial in many quarters, but it's an unmissable example of what Malaysia's most expensive places to live could look like in the future. This billion dollar development is trailblazing a future of integrated lifestyle locations.

What's In A RM3 Million Price Tag?

Area: With its prime location nestled in the Straits of Johor, Forest City presents an integrated development with an almost futuristic paradise outlook, as well as clear benefits in a strategic location between Malaysia and Singapore. The nature of the growing luxury developments that surround the residential areas will continue to draw attention and make the area attractive with affluent homeowners.

Desirability: Forest City represents the height of iconic design and development, and easily one of Malaysia's most nationally and internationally recognisable properties. Ownership of such a property is likely to be as much a statement of worth, as a statement of wealth.

Design: The setting is perhaps the most impressive element of Forest City. The stunning artificial island conjures up images of clear blue skies and crisp winds, a paradise rising from the waters. Of course we'll ignore the fact it might be cloudy. Either way, the modern design is complemented by its truly unique location.

Presentation: With a planned eco-friendly outlook and immaculate presentation, natural design and green living will form an iconic part of the aesthetic at Forest City. Given the high value residences which are likely to comprise much of the development, you can expect exquisite internal features to match this external presentation.

Security: You need a boat to get past the security. That sounds pretty secure to us. Extensive 'smart security' system are also set to be an integral part of the community.

Privacy: See boat comment above. The integrated nature of the development, combined with a focus on outdoor spaces and parks, also means privacy comes with a less dense urban environment.

Connectivity: With its strategic location between Johor and Singapore, along with plans for a dedicated highway to cross-border connections, Forest City is truly an international gateway of connectivity.

3) Luxury Mansion - Pulau Tikus, George Town, Penang

The exceptional colonial style offers a unique property in a hugely desirable area that takes up a whole lot of room on the street, and no room to question its price.

How Come It's Priced At RM16 Million?

Area: Pulau Tikus is home to some of Penang's most expensive properties, offering an affluent urban area on the outskirts of the capital George Town. It boasts some of the most expensive properties outside of KL, and with multimillion dollar transactions a regular occurrence, it takes pride of place amongst Malaysia's most expensive locations for property.

Desirability: Pulau Tikus is a suburb with a reputation for affluence that's hard to beat for Penangites. It's famous for its iconic bungalows, offering that perfect balance between attractive location and luxury real estate.

Size: You're basically buying a mini version of the White House with a beautiful house like this. The extensive grounds provide a beautiful setting to the house itself, boasting over 15,000 square feet of landed property with a substantial internal floor size. Let's face it, if you need 10 bedrooms, you're probably looking for a fairly niche market of giant houses.

Design: Where our Bukit Tunku house delivered eye-catching modern design, houses in Pulau Tikus often reveal a regal colonial charm that makes for an attractive proposition for many buyers.

Presentation: Immaculate is perhaps the word that best represents the presentation of this house. The attention to maintaining a polished charm is a clear attraction to buyers. Affluence and ambience almost echo from the polished floors.

Privacy: With shaded borders and mature foliage lining the edge of the estate, residents enjoy a natural sense of privacy without the imposition of unattractive fences or walls.

Connectivity: Pulau Tikus may offer up houses that wouldn't look out of place in a country estate, but its attractive location to the northwest of downtown George Town has some great benefits for residents. Not only is connectivity to the south possible without passing through the busy city centre, residents can travel north to Penang's popular beaches, or east into the city, with relative ease.

4) Luxury Bungalow - Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur

Exquisite presentation and an immaculate setting position this luxury bungalow as some of Malaysia's most expensive real estate. Is this the true dream house?

What's In The (Whopping!) Price Tag Of RM34 Million?

The area: Bukit Tunku is home to Malaysia's elite, with mansions and bungalows costing in the milions of Ringgit dotted around this affluent neighbourhood. The area routinely features in the most expensive property transactions in Malaysia, with average transactions often topping the RM25 million price range. But if you've got the money, why not go for the best?

Desirability: There's a certain desirability about living in one of, if not the most expensive postal address in Malaysia. Want to show you've made it? This is the kind of opulent property that puts your name on the map.

Size: With landed bungalows offering thousands of square feet of indoor space, alongside tens of thousands of square feet of outdoor space, size really matters with these property prices.

Design: The stunning unique design adds a desirability that's hard to beat. This isn't the land of copy-paste apartments the length of the street. This is a unique property with unique beauty, designed and delivered to truly exceptional standards.

Presentation: It doesn't just look good, it delivers on the goods too. With chic design accompanied by a beautiful landed setting, this kind of property is hard to beat when it comes to aesthetics. The sublime internal finish just adds that delicious, luxurious cherry on top.

Security: A gated and guarded community in one of KL's most affluent areas? It doesn't get much more secure than that. The benefit of added CCTV and security measures is a bonus too.

Privacy: All those gates and extensive land make for a reeeeally private residential experience that's difficult to replicate elsewhere. That means nobody overlooking the swimming pool. The neighbours are too busy in their own swimming pools to bother anyway.

Connectivity: Despite the luxury escape feel, Bukit Tunku benefits from excellent connectivity to other areas of KL. You're a 10-15 minute drive from popular areas such as KLCC, Bangsar, Mont Kiara, as well as enjoying easy access to major highways. That should make things easier for the chauffeur!

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