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Jalan Bernama Residents Protest Against Planned 51-Storey Tower

A group of residents of Menara Inspirasi (Expressionz Professional Suites) at Jalan Bernama have voiced their concern over the proposed construction of a 51-storey building next to their condominium. They claimed the building could worsen the traffic congestion in the area.

A resident, Ahmad Shamsul Baharin Mohd Hanafiah, said they were informed that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) would approve the development proposal on two lots at the end of the road.

He said that DBKL did not get feedback from the residents of the 53-storey condominium as well as the staff of Wisma Bernama and National Library which were located on the same road and do not understand the existing problems which include massive traffic congestion and lack of parking space.

"The project architects and the DBKL Planning Department did not put up the development proposal signage at the site to get feedback from the public," he told Bernama on May 27.

Shamsul Baharin, who had sent a letter protesting the project, also questioned whether the DBKL Civil Engineering and Transportation Department had already conducted traffic studies on Jalan Bernama and the surrounding areas.

He said the narrow road, which connected to the busy Jalan Tun Razak, had caused traffic congestion, especially during peak hour.

"The market value of the property here will fall because the owners are experiencing difficulties besides the massive traffic congestion as well as the supply exceeding demand situation," he said.

He also said that the application by the developer to build a route across Sg Bunus to Jalan Gurney or connecting road to Taman Titiwangsa was rejected.

Meanwhile, Menara Inspirasi Joint Management Body chairman Prof Rashad Yazdanifard urged DBKL to review the proposed construction of the building.

"The situation is now we have this new building coming up, but we have the same dead-end road, we have traffic going on in the morning and evening, by having another residential building which is 51-storey, right beside this building, definitely this is going to be an additional problem."

"In case of an emergency during peak hour, what are we going to do, if the fire and rescue department wants to come and do anything and there is traffic congestion, they cannot even reach this building," he said.

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