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clock 28-05-2019
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More Water Treatment Plants Under 12th Malaysia Plan

The Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry plans to build more water treatment plants in order to further improve the water supply infrastructure, said Minister Dr. A. Xavier Jayakumar. He said the matter would be included in the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025) and is expected to be realised fully in the next 10 or 15 years.

He also acknowledged that this entailed considerable expenditure.

"For example, Kuala Kangsar and Larut often face water shortage due to lack of adequate water to meet demand during festive seasons," he told reporters after attending a breaking of the fast organised by the Perak PKR in Ipoh.

Xavier said the ministry would also change or repair old water tanks in areas that do not have enough raw water storage.

He said it was important in that the event of a disruption, raw water supply can accommodate the needs of an area.

Commenting further, Xavier said when water supply disruption occurs frequently, it would not only trouble people but would also cause huge losses to water utility companies.

"We want to ensure that raw water storage in a particular area exceeds from 5% or 6% to meet people's needs, compared to the current status which is only about 2%."

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