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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Choosing a remodeling contractor to hire is a big decision. After all, not only are you letting this person and their crew in your home, but you'll also likely be giving them a lot of money. With that in mind, it's best to do a little bit of research first so that you can make sure you're picking the right person for the job. To that end, I've laid out five questions that you should ask before hiring a remodeling contractor. Read them over so that you ace the interview.

Can I see some past projects and references?

Any remodeling contractor worth their salt will have examples of their past work on hand. If you're having exterior work done, ask to be given addresses so that you can drive by the homes and assess the contractor's quality of work with your own eyes. However, if your project is indoors - like a kitchen or bathroom, for example - you may have to settle for pictures.

You should also see if the contractor can provide references. For some people, just the fact that a contractor is able to produce them is enough. However, others need to take the extra step and call. If you do call, ask the former client what they liked and didn't like about working with the contractor, as well as how happy they are with their end product.

Are you licensed and insured?

The answer to these questions should always be a resounding yes. As the homeowner, you're perfectly within your rights to ask for copies of any contractor's license and insurance policies. If a contractor can't provide them, that's proof that you're likely not doing business with a true professional so much as someone who does remodeling jobs on the side.

Remember, these documents ultimately protect you. On the one hand, someone who is licensed has proven to the state that they have a decent foundation of knowledge and skills. Additionally, by law, any contractor that is licensed must carry a current insurance policy. In the event that someone is injured on your job, your assets won't be put at risk.

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