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Sabandar Cowboy Town Announced Phase 2 for the Resort Town, Yeehaw!

Have you ever been to Tuaran before? If yes, you might have heard of Sabandar Cowboy Town. The recreational spot announced that they will have Phase 2 of the Cowboy Town commenced soon. Quoting from their Facebook post, the new project will consist of 37 interesting cowboy shops, 160 hotel rooms with a recreational Club House & Children's Fun Pool. A vintage car museum will also be nearby.

Located at Jalan Pantai Sabandar, this recreational spot is situated in a resort town and is known for the horse carriage ride (optional with extra charge) while visitors can enjoy the beauty of Tuaran beach. While enjoying a walk along the beach to see beautiful colours reflecting off the water, visitors would be able to appreciate the sun setting, disappearing below the horizon.

The resort town is also famous for its mangrove park. The serene atmosphere is great for pictures and is suitable for visitors who come for peace of mind by taking a stroll in nature. Visitors can also sit back and enjoy some drinks and food at the Bamboo Restaurant located in the park. The Bamboo Restaurant is inspired by the Bajau tribe and is said to be the first bamboo structured restaurant in Tuaran. They serve local cuisine in buffet style amidst the landscape of mangrove trees.

Equipped with lodging, this local getaway destination for family and friends currently has 16 rooms (excluding upcoming Phase 2) provided with basic amenities for a cosy stay. It is recommended for visitors to also try their Firefly River Cruise. Giving you the sense of timelessness and peace, this journey let you enjoy a path lit by fireflies as you wander deeper into the mangrove forest.

Stay tuned with Sabandar Cowboy Town Facebook page to know more!

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