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By Borneo Coffee Alliance
clock 24-05-2019
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Why Specialty Coffee? (Updated)

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Every cup of coffee you drink at a specialty cafe may only take you 10 to 20 minutes to finish. However from a coffee seed to a cup of coffee, the process may takes up to 5 years. For comparison, rice only takes 6 months and green tea will take 3 years!

Therefore, with all the manufacturing and planting processes, quality control, technology, skill, science and wisdom that involve in every cup of coffee, is more than you can imagine.

Many people will think coffee is just coffee. However, from time to time there are people that say coffee from specialty cafes are better for them because it won’t cause headaches. Some people even say specialty coffee taste better. Are these claims true? If you ask a coffee professional, they will tell you the reason is that specialty coffee is all under control but commercial coffee is relatively not. Hard to understand, right?

Again, the basic understanding is very simple. In coffee, the aroma, body, acidity level, flavours and strength of caffeine are the important elements. To get the best of it, a professional barista and cafe owner will control the caffeine to the lowest level and adjust these elements up to a more balanced combination.

Sounds like a sommelier talking about wine, right? Yes! A well trained certified barista is as skilful and knowledgeable about coffee as a sommelier and bartender put together.

That’s also why specialty coffee has also been acclaimed to be “the new generation of red wine”.


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