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RM316.9M Allocated for Sabah Rural Transport Network

RM316.9 million for 81 rural road construction projects has been allocated by The Rural Development Ministry to further strengthen Sabah's rural transport network.

Three of the projects are complete, 30 are undergoing construction and the rest are in veryus stages of implementation according to Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun.

Those completed were Jalan Ansip-Dalit-Kahaba in Keningau stretching 43 kilometres and a bridge benefiting 5,000 residents from 11 villages; Jalan Nibang in Pitas stretching 18.5 km and two bridges (catering to 3,000 residents from 12 villages); Jalan Rosok Ginapas, Kota Belud stretching three km (benefiting 1,000 residents).

"The roads in Keningau, Pitas and Kota Belud make it easier for rural residents to commute to conduct their daily activities, which was previously inaccessible with unpaved roads," Rina said when speaking to reports after the handing over ceremony of the finished slope repair work project and related works at the Kampung Limbanak Kemas Kindergarten here, today.

Apart from the Sabah rural road developments, Rina said her ministry also identified 50 rural road projects to be implemented in the state in the first phase of this year involving an allocation of rm10 million.

"The rural roads project have been approved and is in the quotation process. The construction of the project is expected to be completed by June 2019. The ministry is also identifying a list of rural roads to be implemented for the second stage in accordance with priority," she said.

Meanwhile, Rina said as many as 44 social amenity programmes would also be implemented including upgrading and repairing of mosques and suraus, multipurpose halls, bridges and drainage systems in the rural areas of Sabah involving an allocation of RM6.47 million.

All rural infrastructure development projects in Sabah will be implemented and completed this year to benefit the residents in the area thus ensuring their comfort and well-being, she said.

On the slope repair work project, Rina said the project was completed in November to prevent the occurrence of landslides, thereby ensuring the safety of two nearby Kemas kindergartens which had about 50 students.

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