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clock 20-02-2019
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‘Quicker Approvals for Developers Who Use Standardised IBS Models’ - Housing and Local Government Minister

The housing and local government ministry and works ministry have come up with several models of industrialised building system (IBS) homes that, if used by developers in constructing affordable homes, will result in quicker project approvals.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said the usage of IBS currently is optional, but the government has been promoting it as the construction system will result in lower overall costs and faster completion time. "The housing [and local government] and works ministries have come up with two or three models that developers may choose from. When the developers use these standardised models, the process of getting approvals from the local government will be faster as the ministry will do a blanket application.

"This will make it easier for the developers as they would not have to go through the hassle of getting the approvals from the local governments," she told the press on the sidelines of the Malaysia Urban Forum yesterday.

She added that these units can be applied for the development of houses in the RM300,000 and below price range.

Asked if the use of IBS will be made mandatory for private sector projects, she said it cannot be done too drastically as developers will need some time to adjust, adding that the mandatory requirement for IBS will be done in phases. However, she did not provide any specific timeline.

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