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Manhattan Suites CNY Celebration at ITCC Penampang

A Chap Goh Mei celebration was held on 19 February at ITCC Grand Ballroom to close the 2019 Chinese New Year and notably to mark the completion of ITCC's new i-OFFICE tower and modern living space, Manhattan Suites.

Guests were delighted by speeches, charming singing performances by Datuk Seri Panglima Clarence Malakun J.P and Datin Seri Panglima Sylvia Malakun, lion dance performances and a delicious 8 course seafood meal.

The recently completed i-OFFICE tower is 100,000 square feet, 10 stories and an MSC cybercity building. In an interview with ITCC Penampang Group General Manager, Ceasar Mandela Malakun expressed their hope to spur economic activity with the i-OFFICE spaces that will cater to medium to large sized companies requiring proper corporate offices.

Manhattan Suites boasts 295 soho units with convenient access to a wide range of shopping, recreation and dining experiences at ITCC Penampang. The mall was completed in 2017 and is progressing well according to Ceasar. They also just opened an amusement center to add to ITCC's wealthy list of facilities including retail outlets, restaurants, bars, Banquet Hall, Science & Technology Centre and Conference & Exhibitions Centre.

During his welcome speech, Ceasar shared more about the plans of ITCC Penampang Group's hopes and said "We plan to not only grow us as a business but also as a place to meet, eat & play - a community."

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