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Grand KK Masterplan Scale Model to Feature at PropEX 2018

A scale model of Kota Kinabalu city and part of its suburbs dubbed the "KK Masterplan" will be one of the key highlights of PropEX 2018. The PropEX property exhibition organized by Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developer Association (SHAREDA) will be held at Sabah Trade Centre on 19 - 21 October.

The scale model which was commissioned by SinaLand Sdn Bhd first made an appearance in 2017 at last year's PropEX to great reception from the crowd. A number of improvements to the scale model have been made since then and the sizable KK Masterplan will be on display for the public at SinaLand's booth at the property exhibition. To get more insight into this unique scale model, we spoke to SinaLand's Director, Jen Kah, transcribed below:

1. What was the idea behind the KK Masterplan scale model and why was it created? Jen: The KK Masterplan scaled model was commissioned in conjunction with SinaLand's 50th Anniversary. SinaLand developed and completed 23 medium and large scale residential and commercial projects totalling up to 5,800 units in Sabah. 90% of the projects are in Kota Kinabalu, hence we decided to commission this model to celebrate our achievement. 2. What are the measurements of this KK scale model and what made it a hit at PropEX? Jen: The model is a 1:3000 scale. Its size is 7.8 m X 2.4 m. During PropEX 2017, SinaLand offered SHAREDA members an opportunity to insert their projects on the scale model. 3. What are the features currently and are there any plans to update the scale model or make it even better? Jen: The model was initially commissioned from KK CBD up until Sepanggar Port but we added KKIA to better feature all the amenities of our beautiful city. If the showroom size permits, we hope to add parts of Pulau Gaya into the model and extend the model to capture the Northern part of KK, as these areas have been heavily developed in recent years. 4. It must have been a challenge to create, assemble and transport such a large scale model. Are there any plans to create another maybe for other locations or projects? Jen: Right now, SinaLand is focused on projects within the boundaries of DBKK (Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu) so we feel that the current model is sufficient. No plans to create another masterplan model, although we will continue to update the model with any developments in the future. 5.The scale model will be on display at PropEX 2018. Where will the scale model be displayed after the event and will the public be able to come and view it? Jen: The model will be housed at SinaLand Sales Galleria at Latitude 6 Commercial Centre. The public is always welcome to view, remember to say hi to our friendly staff there.

Visit PropEX 2018 where a myriad of properties will be on showcase for potential buyers and future homeowners. There will be a host of attractions on top of the KK Masterplan scale model such as VR (virtual reality) and hologram talk sessions to name a few. Come down to PropEX 2018 at Sabah Trade Centre, 19 - 21 October 2018.

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