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Puncak Gloxinia to Rectify Defect Problems in 30 Days

Joy turns to frustration for some buyers of Puncak Gloxinia, after just receiving their keys from the developer, they were left disappointed when they found their units in underwhelming conditions. The keys for the units were handed over to the respective buyers on the 29th and 30th of September 2018.

Puncak Gloxinia, a development in Kinarut by Landmark Property Sdn Bhd is a condominium development under the Pemilik Rumah Perumahan Penjawat Awam Malaysia (PPAM) scheme. It received criticism from the public after a few buyers complained of defects and vented frustrations on social media. One buyer shared pictures of dirty floors, windows and a clogged toilet. The same buyer also shared that the lifts in the block were not working while some complained that pipes were not properly installed.

Stella Loke, Director of Sales and Marketing at Landmark Property Sdn Bhd issued an apology to the buyers in a report by Malaysia Aktif and shared that the developer will take full responsibility of the situation and rectify all problems for the buyers. Buyers who find that there are defects in their units are advised to submit a Defect Form to the management office and the developer will rectify all problems within a stipulated time of 30 days.

"All the defect complaints have been duly noted and rectification works have started according to the queue. For cases where buyers are in urgent need to move in, we are open for discussions and will consider expediting the rectification work for their unit if needed," said Stella.

Touching on the complaint regarding exposed pipes located in the laundry area of the units, Stella explained that the exposed pipe is located in the common service area, which is not included into the selling price of the unit and is meant for the convenience of maintenance work. "Where the conventional design of concealed pipes will require at least two weeks of repairs including scaffolding and hacking in order to reach the pipe, with our design it should only take maybe half a day to one-day maintenance work when needed. This is to ensure buyers will not encounter high cost of maintenance in the future," Stella proclaims.

Regarding the lift that was allegedly not in working order, Stella explains that all lifts were working fine but in that particular instance, the lifts were going through maintenance. She goes on to guarantee buyers that the building has been developed in accordance to specifications and is even rated to withstand tremors.

While not all units were handed over in stricken conditions, and while most of the problems faced were minor and some only required some cleaning and polishing, the developer should take measures to ensure that all units are ready before handing over the keys to avoid cases such as this and disappointing the buyers. That said, reactive measures were taken swiftly and it looks like rectification works on affected units are well on course.

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