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Forum on “Progress in Sabah” to Be Held at Property Hunter Convention 2018

An interesting forum involving Sabah Tourism Board (STB), Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) and Borneo Highway PDP (BHP) will take place during the Property Hunter Convention 2018 at the Sutera Magellan Ballroom at 1.30pm on 9 June 2018. The forum will take place on the Master Stage, one of two talk stages at the convention.

The forum will involve Mr Chew Sang Hai, President of SHAREDA, Mr Humphrey Ginibun, Marketing Manager of Sabah Tourism Board and moderated by Kashani Samat, Corporate Communications Department of Borneo Highway PDP.

With Sabah gaining so much traction on the tourism side, it is vital that the state is prepared and on the ready to welcome the influx of tourists in the coming years to come. In 2016 alone, Sabah received 3.5 million visitors into the state, accounting for 12% of the total visitors into Malaysia. That number is expected to grow year on year but will Sabah's infrastructure and facilities be capable of handling the wave? As it stands today, hotel rooms are at an average 80% occupancy while Kota Kinabalu International Airport has long been the second busiest airport in Malaysia, only next to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It may not be sufficient down the road. Rooms are coming at a premium, and while short-term lodging solutions like Airbnb are helping to remedy the demand it is still a matter of ongoing debate. These are some of the topics that will be discussed in this forum, so if these are areas of interest to you, do not miss this dialogue.

How will the industry players do their part to cater tourism and what will be needed to take the next steps in promoting Sabah to the world? What are the next steps in Sabah's progress in general? What are the opportunities? Join the forum and sit in for an interesting conversation.

All talk ticket holders at Property Hunter Convention 2018 will be able to attend the forum and join in the conversation on a matter that will shape the outlook of Sabah's economy in the years to come. For those still without talk access, tickets can be bought here

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