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Dr Daniele Gambero Teaches How to Buy Your Home in a Free Seminar

"I'm a Gen-Yer trapped in a baby boomer's body" says Dr Daniele Gambero, the forever young-spirited CEO and Co-Founder of strategic marketing consultancy firm REI Group of Companies. Nicknamed the ‘Malaysian Mat Salleh', Dr Gambero has been calling Malaysia his adopted home since 2000. Together with his Malaysian wife, Annie Chee, they built REI Group of Companies from the ground up, and the group recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary.

Moving forward, Dr Gambero has big plans for the group. One very notable goal is to build up his life-long vision of educating more people about the property through a model he developed; The Propenomy Model. So, what is Propenomy? It is a term which he coined and trademarked, and the model is the study of property through economic growth. He also published a book called Malaysian Propenomy in 2016 and the second one is already in the works.

He founded Propenomy Academy in 2016 based on his book and aims to be an educational hub for young Malaysians to get financially fit and educated while getting ready to buy their first home. Dr Gambero is also very active in giving talks at colleges and universities, aiming to connect with more young adults and sharing his knowledge and experience in the real estate market. "I believe in giving back and nurturing young adults who are our future" says the Propenomist.

With that in mind, he, along with support from his creative team, started a video series - on his company's YouTube channel - aptly named PropTalk Show. In these highly educational videos, Dr Gambero shares a wide range of property tips, targeted to young adults, first-time home buyers, and property investors.

In this era of PropTech 3.0, Dr Daniele Gambero is leading REI Group of Companies into the digital sphere with a positive outlook for the future of real estate. His group has also recently launched a campaign named I Want To Buy A House which aims to provide young and working adults solutions on the difficulties they might be facing while on their quest to own a house. Dates have not been released yet, but Dr Gambero will be holding free seminars in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru to help tackle this issue. If you're interested, don't forget to register with them to get firsthand information on the dates.

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