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Ushering a Brand New Beginning at Bandar Rimbayu

Embracing the true spirit of Chinese New Year this year, Bandar Rimbayu hosted a one-of-a-kind festive gathering, Gong Hei Big Fun Day, at their expansive and green sales gallery, the ARC. The fun-filled event saw the coming together of friends and family alike, kicking off 2018 with a huge bang and an atmosphere that ushered in longevity and wholesomeness.

The event was an immense success and attracted young children, teens, adults and extended families as they took part in the numerous activities that were held in the open space of the gallery. One of the activities included an impressive calligraphy competition that showcased participants as they expressed their talent in the lettering art with utter dexterity and precision. Attendees were awe-struck with the vibrant acrobatic lion dance performance which featured young and skilful artists.

Much to everyone's delight, families experienced a street-style display which demonstrated the popular Shanghai in its truest form. Attendees also took the opportunity to experiment with the many costumes that the photo booth station provided-a joyful experience for the whole family to participate in. Last but not least, no Chinese New Year celebration would be complete without a Yee Sang toss-a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigour which further contributed to the overall ambience.

"At Bandar Rimbayu, we aim to create and spread a sense of unity and togetherness amongst people from all walks of life" said Susan Teh, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of Bandar Rimbayu. "The aspect of community is what IJM Land hopes to foster during the Gong Hei Big Fun Day event. We hope everyone can come together, have a great time, and create bonds for life. We don't just make houses; we provide a platform for the ultimate neighbourhood experience to take place-a strong sense of belongingness and community" continued Teh.

The Gong Hei Big Fun Day was carried out to not only engage the young and old in exciting family-friendly activities but to create awareness about the importance of spending quality time amongst family, near or far. The event aims to foster unity, understanding, and goodwill among the various ethnic communities in the country, in line with the spirit of 1Malaysia.

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