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TAED Project Reserved for Sabahans Only

Property Hunter made a courtesy call visit to the Tanjung Aru Eco Development (TAED) office to learn of the progress on the multi-billion-Ringgit project and to extend an invitation to the office to Property Hunter's inaugural convention, which is scheduled to take place in April 2018.

Maxx Media (S) Sdn. Bhd. Director, Elson Kho lead the team to TAED's office on Friday, 12 January. They were hosted by Datuk Seri Victor Paul and several TAED staff.

Elson took the opportunity to introduce the features and activities that will take place during the convention. TAED will be making an appearance at Property Hunter's Convention.

The multi-billion-Ringgit TAED project will start work in Q2 2018 with the Phase 1 of the development, said Datuk Seri Victor, who was appointed as Executive Director to manage the project on pro bono basis.

The construction site for the Phase 1 work is at the First Beach area or will be known as Aru Gateway which is approximately 64 acres, with a mixed commercial area stretching along Mat Salleh road.

"The master plan of the total development is 860 acres in size but only 31 percent of the total areas will be utilised" he stated.

The development is also the first approved scheme in Sabah, meaning that it is an independent area, he said, adding that, they are also trying to get tax exemption for the development. He said the development will increase employment opportunities for the people across the board.

He added that Sabah's Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman wanted to return Tanjung Aru Beach to the people of Sabah. Top experts from their respective fields such as contractors, consultants, environmentalist etc have been engaged to help development the project. Datuk Seri Victor has proposed that a certain section of the development will be developed into residential properties for the younger generations of Sabah.

"The catch is that you cannot sell the residential unit in the first five years. The second catch is that the unit can only be sold back to a local resident (Sabahan only)" he further stated.

"Tanjung Aru Beach had undergone heavy erosion over the last 50 years and that despite efforts by the Sabah government to stop the erosion through the setting up of barricades against the sea waves, it had failed" said Datuk Seri Victor. He further added that they want to create a sustainable eco-development to have an engine of growth.

The whole development consists of eight district zones; Aru Gateway, Prince Philip Wharf, Prince Philip Park, Aru Village, Aru Oceanfront, Aru Marina, Tanjung Aru Beach and Golf Retreat.

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