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Guide to Choose Your Home in Kuala Lumpur

With the modern city's dense population, it's no longer a surprise to find many high-rise condominiums and serviced apartments which make popular residential properties for urbanites in Kuala Lumpur.

But, which property would be best-suited for you and your needs? Let PropertyGuru round up our pick for the topmost affordable properties in Kuala Lumpur, according to their special features, to help you decide.

PRICE What is affordable to one person may not be to the other. That depends on what you are looking for out of your property, and how much of a premium you are willing to pay for it.

Ritz Communities offers an economically-strategic option starting at RM300, 000. At 800sqft, it's size is manageable for the no-frills urban dweller who would seek a home as a place of dwelling.

A higher-end range of property can sometimes be considered more "affordable” or even value for money because of special facilities. For example, those who value privacy and security might find the ISOLA @ KLCC to be ideal because of the 5-tier security system it offers.

LOCATION Might it be near your office? Accessible to any amenities, facilities and transport services? Within the city area?

For some, a residential property like Sky Awani 3 Residence, Setapak might be perfect because of its close proximity to well-known shopping malls, education hubs, and renowned hospitals.

But, what makes for a strategic location differs from person to person.

Some people prefer to dwell in areas away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which offer a different serenity you cannot find in areas closer to the city. LBS Alam Perdana offers community halls, private and public gardens and a man-made lake within its residential compounds.

AMOUNT OF FURNISHING IN HOME A fully-furnished home is convenient since it's already all set up for you whenever you're ready to move in.

Serviced apartments like SkyLuxe On The Park @ Bukit Jalil provide practical layouts with built-up areas you can choose from. If you are the sort to get a headache from planning, this property might be the most ideal for you.

Moving into a fully-furnished condominium built recently, like The Manhattan, can also add to the new-home vibes as the property as the property will feel new on a whole.

On the other hand, homes not yet furnished like the Suasana Bangsar can also give you a good opportunity to arrange the home for a more personal style that's homely for you.

PURPOSE OF OWNING PROPERTYy If you're looking for property to own as a rental unit, then a dual-key residence would be perfect.

With Bennington Residences @ SkyArena Setapak, one can own a property to live in while renting it out. This allows the rental unit owner to manage the property more conveniently while enjoying the perks of the residence well within their own privacy.

Alternatively, if you're looking to own property as an investment unit, then a property like Tribeca Bukit Bintang would be ideal. Primed as a luxurious downtown living set in Kuala Lumpur's golden mile, the property holds great potential to be a symbol of affluence. The freehold land also stands at a gross development value of RM500 million, which holds a promising value for the property in future.

YOUR LIFESTYLE AND REASON FOR BEING IN KL If you're looking to tag on an office-studio style space to your home, then a property like Meridin Sovos @ Midini will work well for you. You can plan your workspace while enjoying a connected luxury apartment living.

Others might also look for properties that offer special concepts, like the Desiran Bayu which replicates the charm and tradition of strong family values like communal living with the family, great for those getting property together as a family.

Alternatively, you might also be looking for a place in Kuala Lumpur that functions as a holiday home. The Verge32 @ Melawati is perched on a hilly terrain, giving you majestic vistas of Kemensah's ridgeline. Surrounded by low-density, exclusive residential communities, this tranquil residential property is perfect for those who want a holiday experience out of their home.

CONCLUSION Ultimately, your lifestyle is the most important factor for you to decide which property is affordable and special to you, as it determines which factor you will prioritize.

A person who's busy and out-of-home most of the time might value convenience and place an emphasis on the importance of a more convenient location. Someone looking to lead a sedentary lifestyle will naturally look for a quieter place that provides peace and tranquility.

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