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‘IBS Usage in Sabah’s Construction Industry Still Backward’

TAWAU: The use of IBS (Industrialised Building System) in Sabah's construction is still quite backward compare to other states in Malaysia because of poor exposure and knowledge about it among construction contractors.

State Resource Development and Information Technology assistant minister Datuk Hamisa Samat said, the government has provided RM500 million of IBS funds through SME Bank as an additional initiative and strategic plan to attract more construction industry players to participate in IBS.

She said the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has also targeted 1500 professionals, 50,000 bumiputera contractors, 2500 construction personnel and 100 IBS suppliers for training in order to complement the demand for IBS-literate human resources.

Hamisa also pointed out that the state government recently announced that there are 30 new school construction projects to be built in Sabah, which will use IBS. These are among the Sabah government's initiatives to promote IBS to industry players in the state.

She urged all industry players comprising contractors, consultants and manufacturers in Sabah to act more proactively and to step forward in deepening their knowledge about IBS and its application in construction.

IBS is a modern construction method in which the building components are manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions, transported and installed with minimal labour usage. It was introduced in Malaysia in the 1960s.

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