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Homeowners Enraged Over Unfinished Housing Project

SEMPORNA: Two government pensioners have appealed to the authorities to intervene to resolve the delay in completion of their homes by the developer.

They were among 100 purchasers of Taman Haji Hassan - a housing project here which was supposed to be completed four years ago but until now there are still no clear indications the houses would be completed after such a long delay.

Sixty-two year-old Makladin Pajaldin, a retired policeman and army retiree Shamsudin Nujatin, 40, told reporters at the project site yesterday they have been burdened with making monthly housing loan repayments to the bank and yet they were unable to move in to their new homes.

"Since 2014 a sum of RM1,492 was deducted from my salary every month for the loan repayment and after I retired two years ago, it was deducted from my pension.

"I thought I can stay in my own house after I retire but that has yet to happen. And now apart from having to pay the monthly loan repayment, I also have to fork out RM600 every month to pay for the house I am currently renting" he said.

Makladin said he and several other buyers had called the developer a number of times "and the response we got was that the houses will be completed”.

"Recently we were told the project will be completed in three to four months" he said. For Shamsudin, it was his dream of owning a house in his hometown.

According to him, he has been making a monthly loan repayment of RM1,039 since 2015.

Meanwhile another buyer, Jumria @ Haji, 44, said she and her husband decided to buy a house in Taman Haji Hassan because of the attractive offer price which at that time was RM198,000.

"We were promised that the project will be completed according to schedule" she said.

Jumria who is a teacher said she would visit the site after school every day to check the work progress as the project site was located nearby.

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