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Property Hunter Partners With Loanstreet to Bring Loan Calculation Features

Property Hunter announced a strategic partnership with Loanstreet which brings enhanced loan comparison features to its flagship portal

Loanstreet is the leading loan comparison portal in Malaysia allowing users to compare all options available before applying for a loan or credit card. Besides this, Loanstreet also carries a wealth of articles related to personal financing, as well as useful tools such as a housing loan eligibility calculator and a Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) calculator.

Loanstreet was co-founded in 2012 by Jared Lim and Robin Ang, and has since grown into a comprehensive fin-tech company.

"The collaboration between Property Hunter (PH) and Loanstreet come at a most opportune time, considering how PH is a premier property portal for Sabah & Sarawak and Loanstreet is able to bring our cutting-edge technology to support them" said Jared.

Jared further commented "Our comparison API is market leading and precise, allowing for Property Hunter to present their customers with a whole new level of real estate browsing experience. We are excited about this partnership and the possibilities it will bring, and we look forward to furthering collaborations in the future.”

Caleb Tseu, Chief Technology Officer at Property Hunter welcomes Loanstreet onto Property Hunter platforms. "We are constantly seeking ways to deliver better value and improve the user experience. The addition of Loanstreet's feature is the most natural progression for our site, allowing users to check loan eligibility and options after searching for their desired home.”

"One of the major concerns when buying a piece of real estate is financing. We hope the new features can assist buyers in their investment process.” Caleb added.

The Loanstreet Calculators

More than just a loan calculator, Loanstreet offers a handful of calculation tools as well as loan comparison capabilities:

● Housing loan eligibility calculator allows the user to assess their personal financial commitment and find out if they are eligible for a mortgage. ● Home loan & stamp duty calculator clearly lists out the cost of financing a property including the frequently misunderstood "stamp duty”. ● Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) calculator allows the user to find out the exact tax liable in accordance with the RPGT act when disposing of a property. ● Comparing loan packages from all major banks in Malaysia in a glance is made possible with Loanstreet. Users can select their desired loan options and submit the application directly on the website.

Bank loan application is one of the most crucial processes in the purchase of property and often dictates if the purchase is successful or not. With Loanstreet calculators now available on the Property Hunter website, homebuyers and real estate agents can now make confident assessments on their loan eligibility prior to making that big decision to purchase a property.

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