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A Festive Rimbayu Raya Treat

In the spirit of Hari Raya Aildilfitri, IJM Land Bandar Rimbayu hosted an amazing evening with exciting entertainment, fun activities and delectable food at its Open House at The ARC. Property owners of Bandar Rimbayu, together with their families and members of the community joined in the fun and festivities, making it an event to remember for all present. Starting at 6pm, Bandar Rimbayu's Jamuan Raya saw many of the guests dressed in traditional Hari Raya outfits, embracing the theme of the event. Those who took time off to attend the event were treated to a demonstration and sampling of delicacies such as lemang, dodol, rendang and ketupat. The evening was made even more vibrant with two lively and popular hosts, actors Afdlin Shauki and Adibah Noor - who charmed the crowd with songs and funny antics throughout the event.

Visitors at The ARC were treated to delectable traditional food and drinks at the open house, including Nasi Briyani, Satay as well as a variety of traditional Malay kueh. Guests were also entertained by an energetic Raya dance, a traditional dance and a special dance performance by Tabitha Lam. The fun continued over the evening with game shows, with the winners taking home gifts as keepsakes of the enjoyable occasion. The highlight of the Open House, and the most-loved by the young and young-at-heart was the dazzling fireworks display, the perfect ending to fun-filled evening.

"Open houses are a norm for us here in Malaysia. Like our Jamuan Raya, these occasions create the opportunity for us to bond with one another, regardless of our backgrounds. At Bandar Rimbayu, we are not only about building dream homes but also want to give residents a chance to have quality, family time in a fun environment. We also believe in strengthening relationships between neighbours and the larger community through enjoyable events in the township" said Susan Teh, Sales and Marketing Senior Manager at Bandar Rimbayu.

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